Friday, March 30, 2012

The Blue Lipstick

The lipstick colour that i've been searching high and low for. Every time i see a cosmetic shop, i'll walk in and secretly look for something, just something that looks like a blue lipstick. Look, i have finally found it. Although i'm not too sure if it's actually good for my lips but i'm just going to trust the lip moisturizer because i'm desperate. But do not be too worried for me, it's just not bought from a any well-known or even known cosmetic shop actually, i should still be fine. At most i'll try to remember to wipe them off before i take my meals. 

By the way, if i'm ever found dead on the streets with my blue lipstick on, you may want to advice the inspectors to do a check on the lipstick that i used. I may be poisoned. By the blue lipstick.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Orange Patched Vintage Skirt

So after seeking for advices from a few of my friends who has their own online shopping businesses, i have decided to take things slow and use Shien to hold my little online shopping business for the mean time. While i continue to do my outfit posts and etc, i may also have some awesome pieces to share with you guys on the way.

This skirt for instance, is a piece i found in Chinatown while looking for materials. I thought it would be quite fun to do some shopping for you ladies so i decided to get it anyway because whether anybody is going to be interested in this orange patched vintage skirt or not, i am willing to adopt and adore it in the end.

If you fancy this orange patched vintage skirt as much as i do, please email me at and i promise to get back to you asap.

One size(small), one design.

p.s The first picture above shows the exact tone of the orange patched vintage skirt.

Orange Patched Vintage Skirt-$27


Friday, March 23, 2012

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose - Woody Allen

Denim jacket:U2
Pink Skirt:双
Floral Flats:Topshop
Red handbag:Mooncake box(hahaha)

Don't you just love photoshop? Haha I just can't help it but laugh everytime i see these two pictures. Prepare yourself for more of these crazy pictures in future because i think i'm getting better with photoshop! Hope you guys are enjoying these pictures as much as i am. Have a good day, lovlies.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

POP goes the lappy case.

Yes, this is the laptop case that i've been making/talking/complaining/feeling sad and happy about on twitter. The thing about this bubble wrap laptop case and the multi-coloured clutch is that both of them are made out of recycled items. Bubble wrap is a very light and highly flexible material which is made of polyethylene ideally used to protect fragile, electronic and odd shaped products. It is also very useful in normal
envelopes to protect CD's and DVD's and flash drives. The biggest benefits of using bubble wrap is that is soft and light, is recyclable, improves your product presentation, assists in packaging protection against shocks and scratches. Therefore, this bubble wrap laptop case is certainly the safest (as there are 6 layers of bubble wrap ensuring the safety of your lappy, two outer layers above the cloth are for you to pop away during lectures or when you're taking a lonely bus ride home), the cutest, the most unusual cover for you and your lappy.

You may customize your own laptop case with your own name or any word that you may want on the flap, front or back of the case just like the one above that has ALICIA on the flap of the casing. And also choose from a range of patterns of cloths that you would like. Patterns will be uploaded on this post by tonight so take your time to consider and trust the bubble wraps and get ready to customize your own cover tonight! To know when the patterns are uploaded, you may want to follow me on Twitter-elisabluop.

For more details of the laptop case, or if you want to get your dearest lappy a safe and comfortable case and save the earth together with me, please email me at and i promise to get back to you asap.

Bubble Wrap Laptop Case-$40

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blame it on my dad

Call me a boy if you want because this outfit was inspired by my Dad's understanding of fashion when he was a short and tiny little boy, 36 years ago(i think). Obviously i did not peak into earth to check out my future parents and see what they were wearing before my mother shit me out but i saw a picture in one of the photo album, in the photo album cardboard, of a family portrait of my father's family. Yes, i am indeed very long winded when i am bored.

Anyway, i am thinking of starting a small online shopping website that will have things that are handmade/sewn by me. Whether is it from shoes, clothings, recycled items, accessories, to some vintage clothings. The main thing about this, up and coming, website is for me to share some of the treasures that i own/buy/make for my lovely readers. Some little things that i would love to do for the people who loves me too.



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am the consoler

Unicorn Shoe: Shien
Dress: gift 
Sunglasses: Topshop

Baby unicorn shoe felt awesome visiting the Mount Faber for the first time before mister moustache shoe does. It must have felt closer to home as compared to the city area that i've been wearing it to...

*Get's out of the mystical world that i imagine to be in sometimes.* Kidding

Right, pardon me, i'm just feeling a little tired these days because i have been thinking and trying to plan my trip to the states... Too eggcited. Anyway, this flowy, soft and slightly long dress was a birthday gift by a very sweet friend of mine, Dolly, given to me a month ago. To avoid people from calling me a midget, i decided i had to tie a knot on the side so that my legs will look longer and that i will look taller. It really is the best way to console oneself...

*Automatically puts myself on snooze*

P.S. Elisa apologise for the abrupt ending.


Friday, March 9, 2012

The Multi-coloured Darling

Black vintage dress
Red converse highcuts
Shien's Multi-coloured clutch
Bigbird diva earrings

The collage maker is gonna be my new toy for awhile until i learn to master photoshop like a shifu. Anyway, i have decided that i will make this clutch for anybody that loves it. You may choose your own colour combination from green, red, blue, yellow, grey to black for your clutch and it'll be done and sent to you in a week time. If you're actually wondering if the flimsy whimsy looking clutch is steady or not, you can be sure that it's pretty durable because it has pass my tough training-bringing it around with things filled to the brim of the clutch, not hiding it under the umbrella when it rains, being all rough and tough with it when i'm digging for my handphone and etc. So, no worries as long as you love it. Love overcomes all, even if it's tough love.

For more details of the clutch or if you love the clutch and wish to save the earth together with me, please email me at and i promise to get back to you asap.

Shien's Multi-coloured clutch-$33


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We Found Love In A Hopeless Place-Uyii

Guess where was i during the weekends? At the strangest corner of Singapore, 22Sin Ming Lane, a piece of land even the google map can't detect. Why was I even there in the first place? To visit the loveliest, ulu-est and most environmental friendly studio in Midview City, A Craft Initiative. In A Craft Initiative, there are lots of handmade bags, pouches,cushions, materials, sewing machines and creative people. All for Uyii. 

Uyii is a label start by a couple that were initially educators under MOE(Ministry of Education) but had something for creativity and believed that they can design and hand-make their own bags in Singapore. Hence, they decided to start a hand-made product line with the help and creativity of their ex students which then became the designers of Uyii.

One thing i appreciate most about Uyii was the feeling that i received when i first look at their products. I sensed simplicity, love and effort put into the making of their hand-made bags(certainly not a feeling that i get all the time when i see things). I may sound really strange now but the pleasant feeling is really undeniable.

Not exactly the motto of Uyii but some important words to the designers.
This is the inspiration to the making of those nap sac bags below. It was a bag sewed by a designer for herself during her days in JC(junior college).
The larger half bags can be carried in three different ways. Pretty innovative designers.
The little cushion for customers that purchased Uyii bags during valentine's day.#sweet
Little baby crocs in Momma croc's womb.
Cushions waiting to be stuffed.
The most creative wall drew by a kind friend of the couple.
Tell me, am i not right to say that A Craft Initiative place is the most environmental friendly studio?
Of course i am.

Welcome to Uyii-Different, no difference


Thursday, March 1, 2012

“Some people read because they are too lazy to think.”- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

See, this is what happens when the sun is not bright enough and when the back ground is just too ugly. I resort to photoshop. But i do enjoy fooling around with the colour balance on photoshop and give every picture a different feeling even though i think i may have went a little bit too far with these few pictures. The colour balance of these pictures are so far from the original colour level of the pictures that the colour tone of the grass in the three pictures has changed drastically.

Oh well, thank goodness the colours of my outfit are pretty straight forward. Black and red. Colours that photoshop certainly can't mess with. Too bad. Anyway, the wide granny pants that i found in an old granny shop at chinatown where only granny lingers around is the most comfortable pants i have in my wardrobe. With the cropped top and the red converse, they make the best outfit for the laziest girl on her lazy day.

Oh the earrings are from Island Shop, the sunglasses are from H&M and Georg says you are lazy too.