Friday, May 31, 2013


This is another day in Opotiki while i reminisce my days in the urban district.

Along the street of Karangahape is where this vintage store lies. Most people know how bright i light up when i come across a vintage store, especially in a foreign place. These stores gives me a sense of familiarity and i just love the smell of the aging clothing, shoes and bags. It's a little strange but it's so comforting.

Vintage, craft and tea isn't exactly like those sort of stores that collects everything vintage, or thrifted, but the owner picks out just a few of a different kind of vintage clothing that she likes. It's mostly like her collection of clothing that she wants to share with people who has the same liking as her. I'm sure she gets customers that recognizes her store for her range of interesting and precious vintage collections. It feels as though she's living a girl's dream to set up a store that has her favorite clothing, pretty-artsy notebooks and a cup of tea for people who knows how to live life. 

The day continues on as a tourist, everything a little bit more fascinating than the ones at home, we stop for a picture. 

When we finally made our way through the park, supposedly the shorter way to the central district, we found our oyster bar. Depot eatery serves fresh-salty-ocean oyster ever. I mean, it's not like i'm even a food critic but i'm confident of making a distinction of the "ah, this is fresh and okay" ones from the "oh man, this is FRESH AND REAL". It was awakening and the best starter for the rest of the meal. The fish for the main course tasted like an indian cuisine which i absolutely enjoyed but i didn't expect such flavors in an oyster bar in new zealand. Everything at depot was fresh and exciting. 

The day ended well with all the amazing finds and it rounded off even better after getting a taste of the nightlife at the social bar along Ponsonby. The local beer was enough to keep us warm while we journey back to Freeman's, down the slopes only. That's a picture that we took with a warm and friendly kiwi that we chatted a bit with on the streets. 


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Auckland City-Day1

 Now that i have settled down a bit in new zealand, i can finally try to coexist. It has been a week in Auckland city and the weather is almost perfect over here. Although the day ends earlier since it's almost into the winter season but there was still enough sun to help us find our way back to our hostel. The backpackers hostel that we lived in during our stay in Auckland was really good. Freemans Lodge is a pretty homely place where people are mostly friendly and outgoing. The free wifi allowed us to send tons of emails out for job applications and we could search our ways around to visit around the city. Additionally, the kitchens and toilets are considered clean and good for living in hostels. Infact, it was so good that me and my cousin were afraid that we wouldn't be able to accept the others as we continue our journey down south. I don't want to miss you, Freemans. 
The focus of this picture is definitely not about me getting excited over a tree trunk but the camouflage patterns on the trunk. It was one of the most amusing things i saw after the beautiful leaves seen along Wellington St, outside Freeman's. Isn't the trunk something interesting? 
O yea, one other thing about the city is that there are so many slopes that you have to conquer. I actually think Freeman's was build on a valley which means in every direction we head to, we always have to climb uphill. So when we get to the CBD area we'd look for treats like this deep fried cheese churros (that is still making my mouth water just looking and thinking about the time we shared). I am sure to get a few more tries when i return to auckland city in July. Wait for me, Churros.
We continued our journey around the CBD area along queens street and we were looking for a place to settle our dinner, hoping to walk into one with a slight crowd. But the thing is that there isn't many people around and the city isn't that happening during the weekdays so we decided to let our senses make the call. Nearing the end of the street, we found a mexican restaurant with hipster graphic designs on the brick wall and really fresh food behind the counter. Hoho. Look at the cheese towering like the volcanos around. California Burrito was it.
Then, it was a happy first day already.
 I was scooting around on the trolley in New World (the common supermarket in NZ) to get breakfasts and dinners for the week in Auckland. And Z was so happy when we reach the cheese section. Look at how satisfied she is with her brilliant idea to use margarin to cook instead of getting oil, since it was more convenient and pocket friendly. But the 10 litres well that i impulsively decided on getting before checking if there was a water dispenser in the hostel had Z furious to the maximum. She was so unwilling to drag the grocery bags back up and down the slopes back to our hostel because of my (water) buffalo bad decision. I'm sorry ya.

Although it was a tiring and enduring walk back to the hostel in the cold night without our coats, it was still quite entertaining listening to Z whine away like a big baby. Overall, it was quite a good and productive day 1 because we think that we may have finished the main street in the city.

*Photos by HuiZhen & I


Thursday, May 9, 2013


For the past few weeks before school ended, this was what i was working on. My specialism project, which was to create a garment through upcycling methods. With the concept of "Space on Earth"- stiffness of the garment and the pin tucks detailed high neck that feels like an astronaut suit, being on earth which consists mostly of water, leading to the aqartic influence… 
Er, i hope you can grasp the brief idea.

Moving on, the few pre-loved clothing that were converted into this(two piece) garment are the diving suit, cashmere sweater, aquatic printed boxer, ties and a peplum top. They are actually materials that don't really suit the all-time summer season in Singapore but i guess it's still workable since most places have AC. However, it still wasn't exactly cool to do the photo shoot outdoor when the sun rays were penetrating through the garment, and almost through me. Thank goodness it wasn't another model that had to do the shoot for me if not i would feel so terrible about my own work. (I almost melted in the garment.)

Anyway, the project wouldn't turn out as pleasing as i wished if i didn't have the help from Zhi Wei(photographer) and Sandy Ee(makeup artist). They made this project turn out more professional than it should have been if i had to do it all by myself. Thank God for amazing talents who were very kind to help.
I hope you like it!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

May, i've missed you

Hebe's here, May is here.
The air is fresh and the the birds are free.
School's out, let's scream and shout, it's time for a party theme!

I thought i was going to be excited to party but my senses are telling me to chill bananas instead.
Maybe a trip to an art cafe to paint with a friend or do (bad) portraits for people at 10cents in 1 minute.
 Just a few things i want to do before i work and travel at NZ.
Unfortunately, i haven gotten enough of canvases and painting from school.

The houndstooth blazer is starting to make me feel comfortable after keeping it warm in my cupboard for a year since my last trip to LA. It's quite __ because there are still a couple more clothing bought since last year that i haven worn. I don't know why i never pulled them out of the wardrobe too.

Are some accessories that are sentimental to me, mostly pass down from different old people with different stories of their jewelries. The gold patent bracelet has the ten commandments and every word is well inscribed. It probably is the most meaningful jewelry i own thus far. I mean, really, it's the ten commandments right. What can beat it.

Trousers-Uniqlo, Blazer-Forever21, Boots-Aus, Bag-Coach, Vintage accessories

Although tgif doesn't really gets me excited because for three months it's just going to be HOLIDAY. But i wish you all a happy last day at work and remember to do all things in love!