Sunday, October 20, 2013


It can never get anymore exciting whenever i sit to share something on the site.

Weeks has passed and days has flown by so fast. I have lose track of the weeks I’ve been missing in action and I can’t feel anymore guilty for neglecting this space, again and again. There are so many posts waiting to be shared, I know I need to buckle up. Instead of dwelling in my sorry speech, I shall begin to share about an exciting feature that John and I did for Suitcase Mag- the first travel and fashion online magazine. It was done many months ago but I’m glad that nothing has been procrastinated to as far as a year yet (please excuse me while I try hard to maintain some optimism).

It is always a lot of fun being photographed by John and I (forever) wonder what sort of magical photography skills he holds that his pictures always turns out better than the reflection I see on the mirror. The editors enjoyed the photos so much that they even had it featured in the 4th issue of Suitcase Magazine that has been on sale across the UK and across the rest of the globe. I hope this did not come out too late for anyone else to catch the feature on the mag. It was my pleasure to share with the rest of the world my favourite places to visit, food to try and shopping to do in our lion city. I really hope this helped many tourists and even locals to source for the best in our beautifully blessed city.