Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lomo Baby.

I could never comprehend how a little camera, which is approx. half the size of my already very small hand, could be so impressive. It looks so tiny that i would not take it seriously at all and if i had no knowledge about the different kind of effects the camera were capable of capturing, i would just pick it up and start pressing the button for the "cheeeeeechik" noise that gives my restless self some sort of pleasure.

So, i was at the La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition Opening Party yesterday and i browsed through a couple of lookbooks in the store because i thought i would better understand pictures and words more than the devices on the shelves. Thankfully, from those pictures and words, i was able to appreciate the tiny devices more than i did. But then again, i think i would never truly understand it until i get my hands on it. Until then, I shall wait for my sissy to invest in one since she told me that she has been drooling over the little cameras ever since i don't know when.

That's not the point.

Anyway, there were 11 unique and customized La Sardina Cameras which shoots regular 35mm film, has a wide-angle lens and a rewind dial to turn back frames whenever. Artists, OJOKO, Eric Foenander, Monster Gallery, Yong, Kitt Santos, David Chan, Astralrae, MASH-UP, Clare Marie Ryan, Speak Cryptic and Bradley Foisset, all DIY-ed their cameras with their limitless creativity and below are a couple of favourite things i saw in the store, located at 295 South Bridge Road #01-01.

Please, o please, if you haven been there, you have to go down, step into the store and look. It is one of the most colourful, eye opening and creative space along South Bridge Road.

The last three best pictures are taken by mustard John


Saturday, September 15, 2012

La Soirée Blanche

I would say that last weekend was a pretty unusually enjoyable one for me. The PARCO next NEXT AW12 preview was really inspiring and fresh and i was completely snared by the collections produced by a couple of designers. But before i spark anymore excitement for tonight, i must apologise for my careless mistake for not bringing my camera out that day. Besides, with a non-techie nokia N97, i felt absolutely helpless that day. I would have a lot to show and tell right now if i weren't that careless but i promise i'll talk about my favorites really soon. I had a back up plan, so please don't be too disappointed and be patient with the ninja turtle.

Back to the purpose of today's post, La  Soirée Blanche, a fashion show collaboration with SPF(SpunkPunkFunk) and RDI(Raffles Design Institude) for the local children's charity. It was an entertaining night with VJs like Roger Poon and Abigail Chay, models that rocked the show with dramatic make-up and vociferous apparels, just the SPF attitude.

Although, i was there to help to run the event and document the show, surely less comfortable than being an audience, i had a pretty good time interacting and getting hyped up with the models. It was quite an exposure for myself because it was officially my first time leading a group of people(students and models), with two other friends, to work together for a show. 

Anyway, below are a couple of pictures took with my 'little flash' camera in a dark place meant for dancers and not small scale photographers like me. Thank goodness for Andrew's external flash which was more suitable for the lack of lighting in ZIRCA but i sort of wasted the function of the external flash because i wasn't a bit familiar with such bulky device. Besides, i never knew holding a camera with an external flash in my hands would cause my weak arms to ache so much. 

Without further ado, go on and scroll wheel down the post. I wish you lovely people a blessed weekend!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Spike It Up.

Just a couple of months back during the recent Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore, Depression produced a fantastic and futuristic AW'12 collection- Plastic Surgery. Let me refresh your memory a bit with the three colour codes, blue, white and black. Despite using only values and a colour, they pulled off a marvelous show with the irregular shapes of each apparel and gave a quirky overall by accessorizing the models with spiked and structured shoes. 

Besides, dont you feel that the spiked shoes made the whole show less depressing and more Depression? Think about this, the combination of irregular shaped apparels and structured shoes are similar to the idea of the label(Depression) being not depressive at all. Can you sense the irony in most things that they create, which makes Depression awfully beautiful?

Every individual designs below has at least two to three different colors to cater to different colour preferences and outfits of the day! How could anybody escape from the goodness of Depression anymore?

Singapore, Cineleisure Orchard #03-05A
Spiked Love Necklace 'Blood Red'
Spiked Bow Tie 'White Collar'
 Unisex Spiked Clutch in mono
 Unisex Crocodile Pyramid Briefcase
 Men's & Women's Transformer Creepers with detachable Studded Panel
 Men's & Women's Transformer Creepers with detachable Fins
 Men's & Women's Transformer Shoes with detachable Bow
 Men's & Women's Transformer Shoes with detachable Studded Bow