Tuesday, March 20, 2012

POP goes the lappy case.

Yes, this is the laptop case that i've been making/talking/complaining/feeling sad and happy about on twitter. The thing about this bubble wrap laptop case and the multi-coloured clutch is that both of them are made out of recycled items. Bubble wrap is a very light and highly flexible material which is made of polyethylene ideally used to protect fragile, electronic and odd shaped products. It is also very useful in normal
envelopes to protect CD's and DVD's and flash drives. The biggest benefits of using bubble wrap is that is soft and light, is recyclable, improves your product presentation, assists in packaging protection against shocks and scratches. Therefore, this bubble wrap laptop case is certainly the safest (as there are 6 layers of bubble wrap ensuring the safety of your lappy, two outer layers above the cloth are for you to pop away during lectures or when you're taking a lonely bus ride home), the cutest, the most unusual cover for you and your lappy.

You may customize your own laptop case with your own name or any word that you may want on the flap, front or back of the case just like the one above that has ALICIA on the flap of the casing. And also choose from a range of patterns of cloths that you would like. Patterns will be uploaded on this post by tonight so take your time to consider and trust the bubble wraps and get ready to customize your own cover tonight! To know when the patterns are uploaded, you may want to follow me on Twitter-elisabluop.

For more details of the laptop case, or if you want to get your dearest lappy a safe and comfortable case and save the earth together with me, please email me at elisalim_shien@hotmail.com and i promise to get back to you asap.

Bubble Wrap Laptop Case-$40

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