Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Greatest Gift

 Alicia Lim

Very inspired by her imaginations of the mystical mermaids in the deep seas, she has a lacey mermaid skirt with a bralet and a light piece of sheer top. As she strolls along the beach and rest upon the big stones close to the shore, her light clothing not only keeps her warm from the sea breeze. It also allows her to take everything else real in this world out of her mind and dwell into the mystical realm of mermaids, unicorns and horsemen.

“Dressing up is a form of expression”

 Soh Li

In our Garden city, we have a youthful and adorable looking woman that is in her early 40s in a layered style that gives off the vibes of Japanese. Especially at a proudly and wonderfully man-made garden, how could one simply believe that this was not taken in any rural district with the most natural greens, with the different shades of reds and almost washed out looking denim that fits in comfortably with the breezy blues in the environment.

“Reminds me the innocence of my childhood”

 Dara Lim

Bright and Beautiful, all she wanted was to play. With her grandmother’s old dress from the art deco period and a vintage floral head piece. To her most comfortable converse high cuts to skate around in her yellow penny.
With anything, to everywhere.

“I don’t care, I just want to play with fashion”

This family-my greatest blessing from above.