Thursday, July 21, 2011


SO,about my life at these current moment.. Motivation. I need to be motivated to strive for excellence. Yet ,I want a balance lifestyle along with it. how should I do it? No clue. I thought I knew how to do it a while ago though. Lol
Well, at least i feel accomplished and satisfied with myself everytime i complete a chapter of work without much effort.At least it's encouraging to know that the last two years were not wasted.

On a brighter note, I played netball today, again! It has almost been half a year since I touched the ball that I played ,with so much passion,ever since I was 8. I miss playing netball:/(but I don't like training) which also means that I'm either gonna deprove or stagnant with those limited skills..

Ohhhh, and I really truely enjoy sitting infront of the escalator at the train station with my earpiece stucked in my ears,listening to Jessie McCardney, and watch ppl pass by. Looking at all sorts of ppl and their style. The way they communicate and behave around ppl. Putting myself in their shoes and try to imagine how they actually think about themselves. It's interesting. I love train stations.teeehee(:

Lastly, those two outfits were what i wore during the weekends.I love weekends because i dont have to put on my very blue and dull uniformm(:

top: from sungei wang(malaysia)
bottom: cut from a longlong ago jean
shoe: Keds                
bag: Shien(made out from a skirt)
top: American Eagles Outfitters and tube from H&M
skirt: made by myself during my first sewing class
bag:cant rmb the label but it`s from sungai wang(malaysia)
I love myVincci baby.


Friday, July 8, 2011


(MUAHAHAH. dont you just love the gorgeous face of mine?(:those two pictures are for fun! i love my sissy and my sissy loves me, so we took a picture. MUACKS.)

Hello brown cow..Ever since my dearest cousins left, I have been busy catching up with my work.. It's crazy man. It's only school+tuition+work everyday. Despite the fact that i'm only left with 7 subjects, my body is still not giving me a break. I'm still getting headaches when I don't get enough sleep.what's worse is that I've got itchy and reddish polka dots on my body, which is actually and allergy, due to stress, the pms-ing weather and heaty food. I'm a weakling duckling..

Additionally, I must confess that chemistry was really a burden to my four and a half years in secondary school. how foolish was I to think that it would not benefit me at all, if I dropped it. O well, its not too late to, at least I won't get too stressed up by that extra subject and end up giving up on everything as well. Besides, the course that I wanna do after only requires me to pass five subjects,including English! It was absolutely crazy when I heard it from the receptionist at laselle. It was initially very funny to me when I heard about the academic criteria, until he told me about my portfolio. I need paintings, sketches( which is not a problem for me), he continued listing out the different art pieces I may have to show,my mind stopped functioning when it reached "Photoshop". I have completely no idea what that is except that they are used by girls who wants to look better in photographs. I know,I'm such a noob.. But, really? Photoshot?!:/ safe me, jesus.

Lastly, bcos I've not updated BUdoubleLshit for such a long time already, I have 2 pictures of my outfit from the time I abandon it till today,excluding the days I put on my uniform to school..

                                            SAY CHEESE;)