Friday, September 6, 2013

Small Fry

Back to school, back to blue.

It's actually getting quite funny that i'm wearing so much blue even after having to wear blue pinafores to school for the past eleven years. It's as though i haven gotten enough of the uniform look but i can't help it especially since i feel most comfortable in that colour. I am aware of the number of posts on blue outfits, but i can't help that either, so please be tolerant. Maybe just some time, when i change a little bit more, something else may take over the blue clue's trend. When i stop being such an old fashion. Or never. Who knows, other than God.

So, small fry was loved by a super cool bean from Wellington. He has the most amazing clothing like a dragon baggy jersey that i was super tempted to grab despite of it being over over-size. However, due to my indecisiveness, some other cool lady took it off the rack. Other than that, he was giving everything away as though they were all such small fry. It's a pity that i didn't have more time in welly, if not…i would love to see his wardrobe. My blood would rush and my heart would beat so fast, i may just die in welly.

In fact, i almost went cuckoo.
Right, the weekend flea markets (and not forgetting the food markets) all around welly was amazing. There were so many streets to rushed to, food to taste, people to talk to, museums to visit and only three days in welly. It was surely not enough especially since there were so many job vacancies available for girls like us that even worked in an orchard. Nonetheless, I'm super thankful and glad to have made it during the weekends-when everything gets even more happz and loud in welly.
Dang. The alarm has gone and i should get up from (day) dreaming already. It's time to get back to my mundane assignments. Anyway, here's cheers to an exciting weekend!