Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We Found Love In A Hopeless Place-Uyii

Guess where was i during the weekends? At the strangest corner of Singapore, 22Sin Ming Lane, a piece of land even the google map can't detect. Why was I even there in the first place? To visit the loveliest, ulu-est and most environmental friendly studio in Midview City, A Craft Initiative. In A Craft Initiative, there are lots of handmade bags, pouches,cushions, materials, sewing machines and creative people. All for Uyii. 

Uyii is a label start by a couple that were initially educators under MOE(Ministry of Education) but had something for creativity and believed that they can design and hand-make their own bags in Singapore. Hence, they decided to start a hand-made product line with the help and creativity of their ex students which then became the designers of Uyii.

One thing i appreciate most about Uyii was the feeling that i received when i first look at their products. I sensed simplicity, love and effort put into the making of their hand-made bags(certainly not a feeling that i get all the time when i see things). I may sound really strange now but the pleasant feeling is really undeniable.

Not exactly the motto of Uyii but some important words to the designers.
This is the inspiration to the making of those nap sac bags below. It was a bag sewed by a designer for herself during her days in JC(junior college).
The larger half bags can be carried in three different ways. Pretty innovative designers.
The little cushion for customers that purchased Uyii bags during valentine's day.#sweet
Little baby crocs in Momma croc's womb.
Cushions waiting to be stuffed.
The most creative wall drew by a kind friend of the couple.
Tell me, am i not right to say that A Craft Initiative place is the most environmental friendly studio?
Of course i am.

Welcome to Uyii-Different, no difference


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