Friday, December 6, 2013


Mood board(left), Inspiration board(right)

The concept between modernization and traditional, with time, was derived while wandering in Chinatown. Despite of the fact that Singapore is only a dot on the globe, there is always so many things to look at, get curious about and draw inspiration from. The thought to make a pair of shoe that was considered as a wearable art struck as soon as I spotted a pair of Chinese clogs lying in the shelves of a lifeless provision shop. It mainly sells traditional kitchenware and some other necessary provision, which are rarely used by today households. However, that was the trigger to the simple concept of the work of time.  

Below the layer of crackle silver paint is patched work using three different fabrics stitched onto the flip side of an old denim+canvas sneaker from Reebok. The rubber in front of the original pair of sneaker was detached and attached onto the clogs with the strap. Thankfully for many helpful, kind and loving people in my life, I was able to get the size and pattern of the clogs altered with the sawing tools at S's factory. Materials (such as nails, glue and rubber) and techniques to put the shoe together was taught and given by the best cobbler of Chinatown. He would let me sit at the corner at his tent for more than 4 hours for a few days, to watch him mend shoes, ask questions and listen to my idea. My dearest family, always supporting me in any and every way with the little things to help me save some time, effort and energy. Also, always (and forever) my model for projects. Without any help and advises, I would not have been able to complete these in three days. Thank God!

Finally, the paint will peel, revealing the patch work and reds of the beneath layer. As seen from above, on the bottom of the inspiration board, unrevealing the traditions that has been instilled…

Model: Alicia Lim