Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First born unicorn

If you remember, i mentioned before that i was working on my second shoe project and after one week of painting, drawing and spraying, it has finally been completed. I have always been inspired by mystical creatures like dragons, mermaids, fairies and unicorns ever since young when i see mermaid & dragon tatoos on my grandfather's body. Then school introduced me to Shakespeare's plays like the Midsummer Night's Dreams, Macbeth and etc, where the fairy kingdom becomes so real in the play. However silly i may sound right now but i really wish to see a unicorn(a fairy would be fine too) someday because horses are getting boring.

Anyway, the reason why i chose the unicorn out of all the other mystical creatures was because of the toy that i saw in Jen's shop. I was so excited when i saw the unicorn and told myself that i had to do something with unicorns so i decided why not on a shoe since i already got a pair of plain white shoes at home. After that week,*TEEHEE*, my second shoe project has been completed. Cheers to unicorns!
Toy in Jen's shop. My inspiration.

Again i say,


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The most common flea attacking humans

Zouk's flea and easy event is certainly the best flea i've been to so far. Flea and Easy's Wardrobe Wipeout has everything and anything for ladies and gentlemen that are into Fashion. Whether is it asean vintage dresses, feathery hair accessories, winter coats, timeless vintage handbags, psychedelic printed click clock shoes, polka dotted ties, whimsical tube dresses or even kiddy heart shaped sunglasses, all are treasures to be dug out by discerning fashionistas and bargain hunters in Zouk's flea and easy.

To know when is the next flea market happening in Zouk you may have to check out Zouk's event schedule in April, May and even June because if i'm not wrong, it happens once in three months.You reap what you sow, darlings.

Oh and yes because i am such a gold digger, everything except the purple square earrings are treasures dug out from Zouk's Flea & Easy-Wardrobe Wipeout.


Monday, February 20, 2012

I tried making sense of it, and then I realised I should be trying to make sense as to why I was even trying to make sense...

( I had to put this picture up even thought the clearer one is below because this one makes my legs look longer.Pardon me.)
Psychedelic printed top: Old fashion shop in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Blue Skirt:GARAGE in the states
Moustache Shoe: Shien
Brooches: Handmade gifts from friends
Duct tape Clutch: Shien

Hey ho, fellows! Stop and stare at the almost psychedelic top that i got from a old fashion shop at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre(Yes, the shopping centre that everybody goes to to look for the perfect maid) I tell you, do not be fooled by the architectural works of the building that may make the mall seems unwanted and useless, you will be amazed and surprised by the treasures in there.

The two brooches that i've pinned at the collar of a sleeveless top worn beneath the almost psychedelic printed blouse... Can you see that the two brooches makes the eyes of something and the circular black print over the bigger circular white print actually looks like the nose of a dog, hence it looks a little like a funky funny dog we imagine to see in a cartoon? Oh god i almost got lost in that long sentence.
So, yes! The wonders brooches can create to an outfit. Awesome huh.

Did you notice that the clutch that  i'm carrying is made out of duct tapes and magazines? I used magazines as the base of the clutch to make it less flimsy and the 3 different colour duct tapes to make my clutch more colourful. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Good for the environment, my loves. Let's be environmental friendly and save the earth.(I'm sorry these all sound so cliche but these are the only few lines that i can remember when i listen to speeches/debates regarding the environment in school.) Maybe i should just stop talking about being environmental already, i will feel like a hypocrite the next time i throw my can drinks into the dustbin and not the recycling bin.

Well, i still made a clutch using magazines and i shall continue to justify myself by encouraging you all to also try to work your right brain a little bit more by reusing, reducing and recycling anything into something usable again. Try it, it can be pretty fun!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

SpunkPunkFunk if you dare!

The long awaited post is finally on Shien! I can't feel anymore excited to share all the pictures that Jen, Issac and I took on Saturday when i drop by the shop situated at The Central, #01-43, 6 EuTong Seng Street, Singapore 059817. SpunkPunkFunk is an amazingly quirky label that believes that people should dress to express,not to impress. Jen Su, the all-rounder local designer does styling, hair & makeup, makeover, fashion consultation, runway choreography, event coordination and last but not least, designing. Her passion. Isn't she Singapore's pride.

The funkalicious designer believes strongly that fashion has no disparity and she encourages people to try & express themselves because Fashion is no discrimination. Personality has more credibility than beauty. C'mon, somebody says amen to that, please.

Okay, enough of words, now get yourself ready to dive into a pool of craziness, quirkiness and happiness! Enjoy your journey into the WillyWonka's chocolate factory!*(Random)*Just enjoy k. 
My favourite outfit!(Sports wear may be it,for me,soon.Who knows!)
Ha!(Jen's favourite exclamation)
You think that they only have clothings in the shop? No way. There are funky and unique glasses&sunglasses in the shop, catering prescriptions as well! Told you Jen was an all-rounder designer. Oh and the biggest secret is that these glasses are FREAKING cheaper than the one that you're wearing on your face now!(Well, at least that applies to me) So please, my lovely readers, I have found the best optic shop for you in town. I dare not lie.
Even more obvious than fake eyelashes,bring it on!
Customer of SpunkPunkFunk that bought two glasses because he just couldn't decide which one to get.
Red&Round, my favourite sunglasses!

Jen and Issac
Yesyes. There are the branded ones like Alexandra Wa, Karen Walker, Oliver Goldsmith, Dries Van Noten  and of course those that are brandless. However, do not be paranoid about the quality of the brandless ones because a lot of them are made in Japan.

Prices of clothings/jackets/bottom are ranged from $150-$500
              sunglasses/glasses are ranged from $150-$300
              with prescription will be extra $30-$50 depending on your degree.