Monday, April 30, 2012

The Heel-less Heel-Jeffrey Campbell


 I adore heels so much, i think i'm ready for a campbell. It feels absolutely awesome to be in a pair of heels with no heels. It's so eggciting to just even think about walking in it. All thanks to Cryssa and Selina for bringing me around LA, i had the chance to do some shopping in a random mall in beverly hills and finally balance in a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk. I know it's just a pair of heels and you'd probably think that there is really nothing for me to make such a big deal about but i felt absolutely amazing in it. I have never wanted a pair of heels as much as a pair of night walk and i'm pretty sure i'm going to make such extreme statements on another pair of shoes in future but c'mon, i'm only 18 and it's a heel-less heel! Pardon me alright.

 Sleeveless blue collar top:Just Jeans, Psychedelic printed tube dress:Billabong, Lipgloss:Forever21
Paisley printed top: H&M Marni
This is Selina trying to be even taller than a girl is ever supposed to be.
Fyi, she is 173cm.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baddity Rabbity

These pictures are a few weeks overdue and if you've been looking closely at my pictures, you'll find this outfit a little familiar because it has appeared in a picture with andrew & kenny in the first post about their label(Depression).

Basically, the cartoon printed tube dress and the black translucent maxi had both laid in my wardrobe for about three months or so, untouched(except being washed), till the very day i visit Depression. I remembered clearly that depression's previous collections were mostly about black & white and thought that if i turned up in my usual fanciful colored outfits, i would probably be mistaken as a lost child that had decided to walk into a random shop, asking for directions to the nearest toy store in town. Hence, to prevent looking like an insensitive child that was unaware of her surroundings, i pulled out those two hurriedly. As usual, i was procrastinating at home and was too lazy to drag myself away from the laptop screen, therefore the need to hurry)

Moving on, the baddity rabbity pumps that i purchased(unintentionally) when i visit surrealist love scene is such a sweet heart. Really, i told myself countless times that i won't get anything in the showroom but be patient and wait till i reach the states. Oh well, obviously i've succumbed to temptations, besides it was a desire that i had ever since i was introduced to the fairy tale called cinderella. The glass shoes were so magical and precious, it was cinderella's future... 

Black translucent maxi: Editor's market
Cartoon printed tube dress: Topshop
Rabbit pumps: Irregular Choice
Red handbag: Mooncake box(teehee)

Back to reality, i think my mommy is gonna flip so hard if i keep doing these unintentional buys... But you know what, i'm just gonna blame it on cinderella anyway.


Monday, April 23, 2012

'Clouding Of Consciousness'-Depression

Heyho, it's depression once again, these time it's their new collection for Spring Summer 2012. They may have been a little behind the seasons but it doesn't matter because in Singapore, we have summer forever. Besides, 'Clouding Of Consciousness' was meant to be showcased in the up & coming blueprint asian's fashion gateway that will happen from 17-18 May 2012 in Suntec Singapore. Therefore, i think they're still pretty punctual.

Anyway, what are seasons in Singapore? I don't know too...

Below is an exclusive sneak preview of the entire collection, have some fun!
Being able to sit down and have a good chat with both designers with tight schedules(it's my absolute pleasure though), Andrew & Kenny, the last time i pop-ed by their new shop located at the 3rd storey of Cineleisure Orchard building. I've understood that when they're designing, they're always reflecting on ways to deform the form of clothings that we see so often on the streets and would never allow any mutagenic ideas slip off their minds. Additionally, they were looking into changing prints on tee-shirts onto something more formal like the dress shirts for their S/S12 collection. Sometimes they're so extreme with the clothings, i just adore them. Actually, they're extreme with their designs most of the time...

Looks like they're trying to lighten things up by having their most comfortable prints put together with the slightly more formal cutting, the dress shirts. I'm pretty sure wearing these pleasant looking shirts would put a smile or at least lighten the weight of the troubles and worries off the shoulders of the people around you, even if it's for a minute.

Well, i felt hopeful after seeing depression's S/S12 collection. #optimism


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Santa Monica Pier

I've been in Los Angeles for a week already and i am so thankful for great friends like Selina and Chryssa. They have been bringing me around for good food yet i won't stop complaining about eating too much... Anyway, it has been a wonderful week for us because 1)it's spring break for both Selina n Chryssa 2)Chryssa passed her driving test 3)and has finally turned 18 4)We all ate like there was no tomorrow 5)entered the world of fantasy(disneyland) for a day 6)stayed at beverly hills throughout the week(Chryssa's other apartment) 7)had the best cupcakes(Sprinkles) 8)went to hollywood 9)went to santa monica pier 10)went crazy at LACMA. Except for Rodeo Drive that wasn't that fantastic, everything that we did throughout the week has been too great.

For now, i'll show you some pictures that we took for no.9. Will do the others soon! #pinkypromise

This is Santa Monica for you, enjoy!
Mexican food FTW
Being a tourist
Third Street Promenade
Mafia Lina
Mafia Lisa
Mafia Zola
Being a Fishmonger
Enjoyed the music#talent
Loved the colors of the building

This lady sings well. Her voice made made the pier even more beautiful.
She danced well but looked a little creepy though.
The pier was loaded with talented people.
made one of those for myself too(: loving Cali forever.
That's me dodging from the seagulls...#phobia
Chryssa was my seagull bodyguard.
There were so many more hovering above our heads..
Welcome to VENICE beach.
Grady & his Zynga shirts
C&O trattoria restaurant
Best Garlic Bread EVER
That's one out of ten and more places in Los Angeles for you(;