Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am the consoler

Unicorn Shoe: Shien
Dress: gift 
Sunglasses: Topshop

Baby unicorn shoe felt awesome visiting the Mount Faber for the first time before mister moustache shoe does. It must have felt closer to home as compared to the city area that i've been wearing it to...

*Get's out of the mystical world that i imagine to be in sometimes.* Kidding

Right, pardon me, i'm just feeling a little tired these days because i have been thinking and trying to plan my trip to the states... Too eggcited. Anyway, this flowy, soft and slightly long dress was a birthday gift by a very sweet friend of mine, Dolly, given to me a month ago. To avoid people from calling me a midget, i decided i had to tie a knot on the side so that my legs will look longer and that i will look taller. It really is the best way to console oneself...

*Automatically puts myself on snooze*

P.S. Elisa apologise for the abrupt ending.


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