Wednesday, June 15, 2011

oh baby baby.

AND I HAD TOO MUCH FUN. it`s so good to be with them again. But,i have to go through another year of loneliness before i may meet with them again. love you babes.

So anyway, i went for tuition in the afternoon and met up with my crap mates in the night for dinner. we all had a great night in astons as we talked about all sorts of things ,especially following up with yorkie`s love life. Then, my physics buddy brought her "premature" boyfriend along after we had our dinner. Everybody`s love life is getting happening ,when mine just crumbled.

oh well, i have so much revision to do and so many homework to complete..yet im still having fun! maybe it`s what they call,balance lifestyle, but im not too sure about that man. bleh. Besides, my cousins from the states are coming over to visit our sunny island next week:/ i am definitely excited for their arrival, but im really worried about my work.. im left with a week and a few more days till school starts ,and i still wanna do so many other things. 24hrs, why cant you grow a little longer.

alright, i shouldnt waste anymore time on the internet already. m gonna watch live to dance and shall continue with my english letter writting.. see you soon,

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Boomboompow! Amma back manxzx. So anyway, im having so much fun with everything that I'm doing now. There is no more terrible netball experience with my school anymore, although they have already extinguished my use-to-be burning and flaming passion for that wonderful sport.

That defective school has terrorized me and my passion.(kidding)

Despite the fact that I'm no longer called a netballer anymore,it's actually not too bad a thing bcos I've moved on to a new and refreshing hobby.which is to read ppl(from all over the world, except for local) blogs. It's just so difficult to resist clicking on 'older post' everytime I check out a new blog and end up wasting half a day Reading about a stranger's life. I know I'm such a busybody.. But I can't help it. Deprieved child here.excuse me.

Btw, today was quite a good day. It was my first time to teensxcite and it was completely different from the previous group that I attended ,ever since 13. ( I won't make any comparison btw both groups though) it's just different and it wasn't too bad(:

Anyway, I had dinner at some hotel and I took some pictures there.