Friday, March 30, 2012

The Blue Lipstick

The lipstick colour that i've been searching high and low for. Every time i see a cosmetic shop, i'll walk in and secretly look for something, just something that looks like a blue lipstick. Look, i have finally found it. Although i'm not too sure if it's actually good for my lips but i'm just going to trust the lip moisturizer because i'm desperate. But do not be too worried for me, it's just not bought from a any well-known or even known cosmetic shop actually, i should still be fine. At most i'll try to remember to wipe them off before i take my meals. 

By the way, if i'm ever found dead on the streets with my blue lipstick on, you may want to advice the inspectors to do a check on the lipstick that i used. I may be poisoned. By the blue lipstick.


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