Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shien's own Detachable Pants

Detachable pants were something that i always wanted as a child. I was always on a look out for them during chinese new year clothing shopping but only saw those trousers for boys. Either that they were in khaki colour and my mommy would squint her eyes, shake her head and walk away leaving me staring hopelessly at the pants.

With a pair of vintage Calvin Klein high waist shorts and a few inches of left over material from the SemiNike dress that i made last week, Shien's own version of a detachable pants was born.

Now i no longer have to wish for them, i own it, i made it.

It's the girls version.
Top-Forever21, Belt-Shien, Detachable Pants-Shien, Blue pumps-Free press


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DEPRESSION's AW'12- Plastic Surgery

What you're about to see is Depression's AW12 collection at Singapore's AFF show that happened last month. This show that i unfortunately missed because i'm still relaxing at the backyard in my aunt's house was one edgy, fierce and sophisticated looking one. Reading about all the excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion of the AFF shows on the internet, i feel that Depression and a few other local labels has done Fashion in Singapore a great favor.

Both Kenny and Andrew, outfit plastic surgeons, has given every basic piece of outfit a surgery by adding circular, dangerously sharp and pointed studs, extra layerings and edge. For some other outfits, mostly ladies ones, they reduced some materials for some curve and skin to give it a more sophisticated look. Really, such sincere outfit surgeons that are willing to put in so much effort to add and reduce and make every outfit uniquely different for every individual wearer is much appreciated. Thank you Kenny and Andrew for such a collection.

This is DEPRESSION for you,

Designers of Depression:Andrew and Kenny


Saturday, June 23, 2012

SemiNike Dress

This is the Nike Shirt + extra material = Shien's DIY dress.

I was feeling so comfortable that day, except for the weather that was dehydrating many living things other than the roses outside the house( i was surprised though), i wore everything blue. Or at least majority was blue but i still think that they all someway or another matched. See, the dress is now semi Nike since it has been DIY-ed and those sports shoes are from Nike so they make a pair. Then, the dress is obviously blue, the beret is baby blue and the socks are blue(excluding the pineapples) too.

Don't you feel right?

Anyway, i've been thinking about the purpose of this blog and my time spend before school starts in August. I realized that i've side tracked from my purpose or my resolutions for this blog and this year quite a bit. I wanted to create and that was my priority but i got too caught up with the other blogging stuffs and etc-including staring at Facebook for i don't know what purpose, maybe i was addicted or maybe i thought that my holiday was eternal. I stopped making that often and after i did this dress, i remember how much i wanted to sew when i didn't have the time to do so because of Olevels. From right now, i am determine to balance things out and try to stay on track while i still have the time to do so. Let's hope that school won't take too much of my own time away, until then, let's be positive about every little changes on Shien.

 BabyBlueBeret-Antique, Blue semi Nike dress-Shien(DIY), Socks-Dress Barn, Sneakers-Nike


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

People without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. -Marcus Garvey

This wrapped skirt that i spotted in a mess of vintage clothings in brooklyn's Fort Green's flea market got me so excited. Actually everything at the flea had me excited but my point is that this skirt reminds me of my tradition. Who knows, i may be going through a 'reviving my asean self' phase since i've been in a completely westernized country for a few months already.

Red base with lotus and all the other chinese looking flowers and a few random peacocks camouflaged in a chinese garden + hawaiian flowers printed cropped top = multiracial harmony. Agree?

Either that, it may be the peacock on the skirt. I had a liking for flamingos and peacocks, both beautiful and elegant large birds, ever since my first jurong bird park excursion with my kindergarden. I remember wondering how the flamingos could stand on one leg and not feel tired, and when the peacocks decides to open up his feathers, until i knew how to use google.

Anyway,  i ought to be rolling on my bed right now because i'm so tired. I went to bed at 5am after completing my nike shirt + extra material = DIY nike dress, which i am excited to show you guys but another time, and spent a long day in the car and at the airport sending Dara and Kit back home.

So, have a good day while i put myself on snooze till the sun comes out.

Cropped top-Heritage21, Wrapped skirt-Vintage, Floral flats-Topshop, colourful necklace-Shien(DIY)


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mixture of Goodness.

Headband-H&M, Blazer-Express, Floral tights-Heritage21, Sneakers-Asics,  Bowtie+dress shirt-vintage

I felt like i've got something together when i remember that i have individual pictures of my face, body and legs. It's rare that i have so many different angle pictures of myself in a day except when i'm with my sissy(Dara) and Kit. They're camera shy, sometimes, and i'm not so they take pictures of me. Btw, i'm so happy that the first picture did not scare you away, if not then i guess you'd never get to this part.

Bow tie+blazer, floral vintage dress shirt, sport shoes+floral short exercise tights=??? I really don't know what i was doing but i thought it worked out quite well anyway. It's a little formal, a little back in time, a little sporty and a lot of comfort. It felt pretty good, besides, somebody thought that i was younger or twins with my youngest sissy(which is 15yrs old). I take it as a compliment even though that would mean that i still look like a child but whatever.

About the giveaway, looks like nobody is very interested in the vintage ram ring except for me, my sister(alicia) and Khoa(my cousin's bf). Either that, it could mean that i'm writing to me and myself every twice a week which is something pretty interesting anyway. But if you're reading this then i'm glad because that means that i have you, if not then nobody, except myself would read this. I'm thankful that this blog is one of the few other things that are keeping me sane.

Love you, Shien & my imaginary readers.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vintage Ram Ring-Giveaway

Father's Day is round the corner and i've been thinking of my daddy. Other than being my Father, he has been a friend, a comedian in the house, a counselor, a sponsor and the most amazing man in my life. He has worked all his life just to feed me and my family into potential fish ball look alike humans.

The thought of my dad and how much he has blessed me with has triggered me to give one lucky reader the chance to win this vintage ram ring that i found in an antique mall in new jersey. I normally just glance through the rings sections for the sake of myself being curious about everything and turn away to look for any other things that would catch my attention first but this ring was different. I knew i had to get it even if it were for me to display it on the shelves at home for collection purpose.

The other interesting and mysterious thing about this adjustable ring is that there is a word carved behind the ram. I asked the previous collector if she knew about the history behind the ring but she said that she only collects so i googled and it didn't helped much either. Well, i believe that very vintage item has a history and that includes this ring too. 

Getting to the simple rules to be eligible for the giveaway, you just have to give yourself an additional five minutes internet break time to:
*Like and Share this post via Shien Facebook
*Follow Shien with Bloglovin'(found at the panel on the right)
*Leave a comment with your name, email and tell me something amazing that you can recall about your Father.

Entry for this giveaway will end on the day before Father's Day and winner will be announced the day after. Be the first to be eligible(;


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wardrobe Deprived Childhood.

Yo Gabba Gabbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

It has been awhile since i wore a pair of loafers or even thought of getting myself another one after the previous one broke but look at this one. How could i just walk out of the store not getting something so cute after seeing it. I was a little surprised that VANS made cute shoes like such(other than the Hello Kitty ones) and a few other cute and funky yo gabba gabba design shoes.

The shoes can finally compensate my 'a little deprived wardrobe' during my childhood because my mommy was never a big fan of dolling her daughters up. She believes in simplicity and thinks that there is really no point in buying too many good clothings for children because they grow a little bigger and taller every day. 

Anyway, what do you think about the men dress shirt that i wore as a tunic? Initially, i wanted to get it for my dad but a large size was not available so i just bought myself the small size instead. It would be quite interesting if i were to wear a similar shirt on the streets with my dad huh? haha

This reminds me of Father's Day that is on the next weekend! What are you guys getting for your beloved father? Don't forget to tell your daddy the three most meaningful words, it's going to mean so much to him. Have a lovely weekend, lovelies!

Headband+drawstring bag+handphone pouch-H&M, Sword fish men dress shirt-ross,  Pink socks-BrookBrothers, Loafers-Vans


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Day in NYC.

As promised, i'm going to let these pictures show you my first day in NYC. Imagine yourself in my red sneakers and try to enjoy it as much as i did.

It was 9ish in the morning and H&S grabbed some broochers from the hotel before we head towards the visitor centre in Times Square to purchase our two days pass to unlimited tourist attractions all over NYC.   Then began all the running in NYC... Honestly, i felt busier than the new yorkers on the street because while we were running they were only speed walking. I guess that's life for anybody in NYC even on holiday.

This is the statue in the middle of Radio City. It's called the Spirit of The Dance if i didn't remember wrongly. She's silver but became gold in my picture because of the lightings. My bad, dancing queen.

 The vintage toilet that needs you to step on a pedal if you want to use the hand dryer.

HuiZhen, Me, SiYin

This is where the celebrities touch up their makeup and do their hairs before their show starts.

Rockettes & their kicks.

Hohoho. The closest thing to a perfect sunset.

Preparing for Cirque du Soleil.

People dancing, making music and entertaining in the carpet.

 Different instruments in the carpet.

Coolest EXIT sign i've even seen.

As we continue our tour in the Music Hall...

I became restless and decided to struck a pose with the mannequin.
End of Radio City Music Hall. The history of the Radio City Music Hall is so much more than these few pictures the 'Radio City' neon lights outside the building. All the running to the tour was worth it.

 Next venue was the pier that we took a cruise to see the statue of Liberty.

Brooklyn Bridge.



Then to the observation deck...

At the Top of The Rock.

We were such busy tourists, we only had time for muffins for dinner. The line in the cafe was overrated though...

Do you think they're real people? I say yes first then no after 60 seconds.

Lastly, Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

World's tallest man.




 I actually waited at the side for them to be done until i realized that they were taking too long...

Maybe should consider donating my head to a museum.

DIY. You could try too.
The end of Day 1 in NYC.

 Don't let your teacher or boss catch you daydreaming about NYC!