Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Crowded Mind of Mine.

The Christmas season is over, church camp has ended, did a photoshoot for NYP's fashion spread, caught up with a few close friends, knitting has begun and holiday is coming to an end. These were the happenings for the past week and i've been trying to do more but tiredness keeps getting to me. My apologies for neglecting the blog for a week and a half but i will always come back because i miss it everyday. In addition, i have to confess that i did not transfer my images before my sissy brings the camera with her to the UK for holiday. Please forgive me for my carelessness, i hope that the fruityappleiphone5 will help!

Truthfully, it doesn't seem like i have done a lot of things which produced tangible results but i am very pleased with the intangibles that has happened. I had time to develop myself in many aspects in life during this holiday, including physical horizontal growth due to the intake of turkeys for two consecutive days. Seems like i never really need to learn how to cook well since i am so blessed with excellent cooks in my life! Reflecting on the past week, while i may seem to be missing in action, actually makes me feel less lost in the maze in my head. The year is coming to an end, there are many things i tell myself i have to complete before the new year approaches yet fighting with time becomes a waste of everything from energy to time itself, so i just go with the flow. We just gotta keep swimming.

Below's outfit is what i call the mix. Shien's own DIY clutch, vintage bow tie and floral dress shirt, blazer from H&M, a casual jeans from japan, men socks from Brooke Brothers and desert boots from Clarks. These is exactly what i love to do most, mixing the new with the old and the own. It's exciting when you have the outfit conversation because there is always so much to tell. From vintage in LA, to Clarks in Hong Kong, to DIY at home. Everything counts. 

I'm eager to talk to you patient and lovely readers soon. But it's time i end off here and start on my research for school before i end my day. Have a productive and peaceful week ahead as we courageously welcome the new year with open arms! 

Photo credit: John


Friday, December 14, 2012

Dearest Grandchildren,

The long awaited Grammah post that i've been wanting to share is finally up. I apologize for the times i referred to Grammah like as if everybody should have known about it. There is really no reason why i took such a long time to get this up but i hope the introductory of Grammah will help. Fingers crossed.

 Best Introductory:

Grammah is the finer and lovelier version of the typical vintage shops that i've been to in the states, like American Vintage in LA and a couple others that i mentioned before. I was born in the 90s, never belonged to the vintage era but the atmosphere(design of the shop and the music played that were popular during the era) led me to imagine myself living in the 60s. Grammah actually gives me an impression of how shops in singapore looked like back then, which most vintage shops around don't.(Notice the keyword: singapore)

The pleasant, rustic and surreal feeling that i get every time i enter the shop allows me to have the best shopping and playing experience. Despite the fact that i enjoy shopping for vintage things very much, situations in vintage shops can be quite daunting, the eeriness that gets to me helps with the curiosity and appreciative or sensitivity to things because of the tensed up nerves. Curiosity now aroused, things were to get even stranger, you know.

Anyway, Grammah is having a twenty-five percent discount off apparels and homewares because it's the year end- the love of a grandparent to the little grandchildren. Isn't tis the season to be jolly!
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Photos by John Tan
Vintage Everything.
 Earrings & dress from LA-Pasadena, Bag from NJ, Shoes from NY


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder

This is a part of brooklyn( somewhere close to Graham Ave to be particular) that i've brought back with me, it's a pair of vintage heels that i adore very much for the different shades of blues and perfect fitting. I don't even know how to begin to express my thoughts and emotions about vintage shoes that fits well and comfortably. The fact that it was also the most favorable pair in the entire store was the greatest thrill. It's times like these when i feel like the most fortunate person and then i stare into the mirror, look at the shoes and think, "have these shoes been waiting for me all these while?" Because the thought of something waiting for you and me makes the whole experience even more magical, for us. (Whether is it that you're in some denial or not, it's not that much of a big deal.)

And this is how i blabber when it comes to talk about the blue cowboy vintage shoe. Pardon me if you can't tolerate the exaggeration but those words are honest.

Follow by the next part of brooklyn, the Williamsburg Flea was where i adopted this floral printed vintage outerwear. I like the femininity of the coat and the rose prints on cotton that looks like painting on a canvas. You know, when your country is going through a wet season, the polyester fibers really makes you not want to take it off at all. With a pair of jeans, basic inner wear and the cutting of the swanky looking vintage coat would be enough to pull the weekends off. It is the alternative of my blanket.

Now it's my time to end this post and get out of my blanket before i waste a precious day of my holiday away. Have a fruitful weekend and be reminded that Christmas is round the corner, get your presents ready for the 25th!
Vintage shoes and coat:Brooklyn, Jeans:Forever21, White dangling earrings:Bebe, Book:Ways of Seeing by John Berger


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hola! It has been too long since my last post and here i am back with more space on blogger. Please accept my sincere apologies for taking such a long time to figure out that using back what i first had was the best option. Trying to find themes and website designs on tumblr, and a few other web hosting sites that are more comfortable than this current one that i have was exhausting and a difficulty. It definitely isn't because none of them were good enough for Shien but the reason of me taking eon to get over something that I've been so attached to, rolls me back. 

Getting back to what i've been excited to share with you all, let's say 4 weeks ago, is Depression's SS13  collection. The HTC x DEPRESSION Fashion Show that was held at the Sky Bar was magnificent. Anybody's mood would be lifted when they approach the 55th level of ION Orchard because the view of the heart of Singapore's shopping, tourist and entertainment district is an unparalleled experience.

'Inspired by 'dizzy spells', the new 'Black Out' collection features odd-shaped pieces that mimic 'bumps'  and bruises', while graphic prints in 'motion blur' re-creates the moments before a person blacks out. Colour follows an equestrian theme, contrasting the neon brights of the unicorn against the monochromatic zebra. All apparel made from rayon, cotton, spandex and polyester, while shoes and bags are crafted from a mix of high-quality calf leather and canvas.'

One thing that i really appreciate from the designers are the different elements they emphasize on and bring out in each collection, while retaining something very crucial, their individualistic way of designing clothing. For instance, 'Black Out' emphasizes more on graphic prints than the cutting of the clothing which was the focus of the previous collection, Plastic Surgery. Every new collection seem fresh and youthful yet at one glance, you know they are designed by the duo. The endless excitement for more designs and the following collection is simply inevitable. Truly, if you can't grasp anything i have typed till so far, begin to scroll down and understand the goodness of the 'Black Out' collection, then take a look at their previous collection, 'Plastic Surgery'. If you still feel that i haven proved my point from those two collections, allow me to bring you back to 'Clouding Of Consciousness'.

Then, you'll see what i'm talking about.

Hope the images taken from my dearest iPhone 5 didn't do too much injustice to collection.
Have a good day while i enjoy my december holiday(;
Bless you, lovely.