Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eggciting Sunday!

crystal posing with the espirit model<3
my cranes
*(try to spot something similar on the cranes!)
top:some thrift shop from japan
jeans:Forever 21
shoe:New Look
*with a balloon tied on my head bcos i was lazy to hold it(;
Dress:Forever 21
Scarf(that i used as a ribbon for the dress):Cotton On
Brooch:Cotton On Kids

That was how EGGCITING my Sunday was! It all started with an art talk with crystal in the morning, then some viewing of art pieces by some of our local JC students at the national library. Afterwards, i went for art class and drew two cranes(if im not wrong) for 1half hours while i listen to one of the art teacher complain to me about her extremely freakish experience with a 22yr old autistic student. it was seriously funny..guess what, he asked her for a kiss and began to chase her around the class until his mother stopped him.How strange...Lol o well, he`s autistic.. gotta show some compassion, elisa.

oh anyway, the answer to the similar thing on the cranes are the heart shape tatoo that i designed for the cranes! HAHA. i know i sound absolutely ridiculous.. LOL. im deprieved. i cant get a i tatoo my animals in my drawings instead!:D

Back to the celebration,it was then time for an early birthday surprise for my dearest cousin, Huizhen. I had an awesome time watching her make a fool of herself while she tries to complete most of the tasks. Haha it seemed more like our birthday though.. O well! i`m sure she had the best birthday surprise planned, despite of the embarrassing tasks she has to complete! HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO MY SEXIEST COUSIN! I love her soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much(:

Lastly, after the amazing race was dinner at hard rock cafe in Sentosa. Although the food wasn`t exactly  impressive but the company was really great(: i cant wait for my 21st! Lolll.. 2015..o well, have fun waiting, dear elisa!

                                             SAY CHEESE;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My dearest cousin Denise has returned to Germany again..really wanna visit them in Germany some day soon! America, Germany,Taiwan,Bangkok...i wanna go to so many places:/

If u realised,ive been into children apparels from children`s place and cotton on kids... totally in love with the bright, crazy and colourful prints. Besides,they make me feel like im back to days where troubles and worries just floats away when a piece of candy appears.. Alrighty, let`s not continue before i start complaining about the same old thing again. Lol..

Anyway,just enjoy the pictures. Despite the lousy quality camera and the non experienced photographer(my sissy-dara) im still very glad that she is willing to help me snap  pictures for the blog. one MUACK to you,Dara.

bottom:flea market!
headband:Cotton on kids

top:GAP jacket
bottom:Children`s place

cap:New Era Fits


Monday, August 1, 2011


    TEEEHEE! i like to eat sausages in birthday parties!

Haven been posting these few weeks bcos I've been busy getting motivated ,to study hard. Finally got my engine started(; really can't wait for 2011 to be over soon...I know I've been saying that forever..but please tolerate with me bcos I really really can't wait to wake up from these dream.. So anyway, even though I haven got the time to show off my outfits on BudoubleLshit,at  least I took some time to snap a few pictures before changing into my pjs(:

Anyway, the blue/grey cardigan in the last outfit is seriously comfortable. i got it in a flea a $5! it really gives ur body warmth, despite of the thousand over holes on the cardigan. love it!

                                   bottom:Lea Girl
                              top: random top from taiwan
                                   & knitted cardigan
                              bottom: maroon coloured stockings
                              shoe: converse
                    *so sorry for my terrible hairstyle..but i already
                      got it trimmed(:

                                            SAY CHEESE;)