Friday, March 9, 2012

The Multi-coloured Darling

Black vintage dress
Red converse highcuts
Shien's Multi-coloured clutch
Bigbird diva earrings

The collage maker is gonna be my new toy for awhile until i learn to master photoshop like a shifu. Anyway, i have decided that i will make this clutch for anybody that loves it. You may choose your own colour combination from green, red, blue, yellow, grey to black for your clutch and it'll be done and sent to you in a week time. If you're actually wondering if the flimsy whimsy looking clutch is steady or not, you can be sure that it's pretty durable because it has pass my tough training-bringing it around with things filled to the brim of the clutch, not hiding it under the umbrella when it rains, being all rough and tough with it when i'm digging for my handphone and etc. So, no worries as long as you love it. Love overcomes all, even if it's tough love.

For more details of the clutch or if you love the clutch and wish to save the earth together with me, please email me at and i promise to get back to you asap.

Shien's Multi-coloured clutch-$33


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