Friday, January 27, 2012

i say HECK IT, just eat.

Top:Forever 21
Skirt: SRS Fashion
Tweety Bird Socks: From Childhood

Happy Chinese New Year to you! How did your Ang Pow collection went? Mine went on pause after Tuesday and will be continued on Sunday! But the intake of CNY goodies will never be on pause until they are out of stock. Steamboat from 12pm to 10pm, Barbecue Pork after 10pm(in fact, as i am typing this post out, i am chewing on two pieces of BaKua right now), containers of Pineapple Tarts and even bigger box of love letters to smoke when i'm feeling bored. The amount of food that has entered my body is just too unhealtily(word only found in Elisa's wiktionary) much...But you know what, CNY only happens every once a year so just smile at the food and HECK IT. CHEERS! 

Now, back to the outfit that was worn a few days before CNY. That skirt was bought from Malaysia a few years back and if i didn't remembered wrongly it is designed by a Malaysian Designer that owns a small boutique called SRS Fashion in Kuala Lumpur. The clothings that i saw a few years back has pretty interesting shapes and prints but i'm not too sure how the recent collections are right now because i've not been to KL for about half a year already. Base on the informations i can find in Google, i'm guessing SRS Fashion is heading towards the more conservative route, clothings for the Malay ladies. So if you're a reader in Malaysia, a Malay, or a person that wants to give the conservative clothings a try, do check them out at Berjaya Times Square, Level 1 Shop 27, Kuala Lumpur 55100, Federal Territory, Malaysia.

Oh and about the socks, i loved Tweety bird when i was a child and i guess i missed my childhood days loving Tweety bird. Hence, i put on the old pair of socks and spend a day with it. I miss you, Tweety.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

The blabber wastes his own time, and the listener’s time.

Top: Forever21
Navy Shorts: Forever21
Shades: H&M
Knee Length Socks: Daiso

You must be wondering why in the world did i put on my shades when the sun has already set. The thing is this, i have a habit of taking pictures of my outfits only after a whole day of craziness because i always have to rush in the morning. I'll waste my morning walking around the house doing random things until 1hour before my appointment then i'll start washing up and by the time i'm out of the washroom,i'm going to be late. That is also why sometimes i appear on the streets looking like a major noob, be it fashion, colour matching,etc.. However, in times like these, i'll just put on that 'what is fashion/colours' face and act like there is absolutely nothing wrong with my outfit. I believe that no matter what a person wears, as long as he/she wears it confidently(and not look like a mental patient), the outfit comes second.

In conclusion...oh wait.I didn't even talk about anything important but blabbered a paragraph of words to justify nothing.O well, i should just stop and go for dinner now. Anyway, sorry for wasting your time(:


Saturday, January 14, 2012

I think it would be difficult to be a mermaid.

Maxi Dress: Gap
Highlighter Coloured Flats: Rubi
Leaf Shaped Handbag: Accesories
Turquoise Earrings: Forever 21

Firstly,this long maxi makes me feel like a mermaid. However, to wish to look like a mermaid, i always have to pull it up slightly when i am on the escalator if not it would be trapped if i'm not careful. Secondly, even though i may not have anything to show at the front, i still have to check that the ribbon is tight at all times if not i may be put into the jail for being accused of being a flasher. Thirdly, i must thank my Rubi flats for staying strong for me that night even though half of the soles of the shoe are gone already. Lastly, i hereby declare my love & affection for my 'fake' tatoo look alike accessory. Good day, my loves.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On a Sunday Morning.

White long sleeve top: Zara
Tube: H&M
Desert Boots: Clarks
Metallic Flat Lock Across Body Bag:ASOS

One month late,again. I've been working in Dustbunny Vintage for a week already and from Wednesday to Thursday,i was given the task of upload a (oversized) video on youtube. After 3 consecutive days of trying to learn from Google on ways to convert the video to the right size to be uploaded onto youtube, I must confess that i am a major noob at it because until today, the video is still not up yet. However, that doesn't mean that i am going to give up on it because i know i'll need that skill in time to come. a kind reader and wish me all the best with the complicated,confusing&crazy converting thingy that i'm struggling with.

Anyway,back to the pictures above. The white long sleeve top from ZARA is so thin and light that i barely perspired in the alltimesummer,Singapore. It felt almost like as if i was only wearing a tube, just that the long sleeve top made the whole outfit looked more appropriate, for church, on a Sunday morning.
Lastly,I love Jesus.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

“The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am.”—Dennis Waitley

Colourful top & Brooch: BUdoubleLSHIT
Maxi Skirt: Zara
Desert Boots: Clarks

Hi my lovely readers, i ish so tiredz right now. I never knew working for 9 hours was so exhausting, having to face your boss and complete that day's task is soooooo stressful. Besides, having to figure things out by myself makes work even more challenging and scary for me BUT i will not give up so easily. It's only the beginning and Elisa will improve & only get better each day. 

Right, i am so sorry i have nothing much to say about this outfit just that at first when i tried on this skirt, i thought angel Gabriel was gonna tell me that i was going to give birth to Jesus. Which in other words, i thought i looked like Virgin Mary. However,despite the crazy imagination i had, i still favoured the skirt becos of it's comfort and how it makes my backside looks smaller. The skirt is such an encourager to me. Thank you, darling. Anyway, i promise i will still update BUdoubleLSHIT regularly even though i may be slightly busy now. #Pinkyswear