Thursday, November 22, 2012

Time Out.


I guess blogger had enough of me and my maniacal pictures that it would not tolerate anymore, unless i bribe them with a slice of peanut butter and banana toast. But then again, that would only work if i were the in charge of Blogger.

Due to the issue of not being able to upload anymore pictures on blogger, i have decided to use the last bit of photo space to express my sincere gratitude towards the site, with another well composed picture taken by John.

Actually, this picture is also a sneak peek of Grammah's lookbook. I won't blame if you haven heard of it because i feel responsible for not breaking the good news of the opening of the new store before showing you a sneak peak of the photoshot.

Here is a little pinky promise that a better introduction of the store will definitely be shared when i'm done fixing the layout of the website on another site. Please be kind and show mercy to the none techie person, that is always in a tiff with codes when it comes to designing a website. It's ever so frustrating ever since day one…

O well, 
november's bleakness will soon pass.

I'd be done with semester one.
The website would be fixed.
India, i will go.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lim Kopi-3in1

Love, promise me you'll go to sleep after this.

Mama lisa has decided to dig out a couple of overdue pictures taken by a photographer, Johnneh, who has a passion for making people beautiful. These are three different outfits i appeared in Lomography's Blue Hour Party, School and Parco's AW12/13 Preview.

Tie:Ferragamo, Handphone pouch:H&M, Butterfly pin:NJ Vintage, Fishy men shirt:ROSS, Tattoo leggings:Bugis Street

Go to your dad's wardrobe.
Pick the funkiest and cutest one with snoopy faces all over the tie.
Decide where you want to wear it on, the neck, the hair, the waist, the ears or the arms.

Put on the tattoo leggings.
 Incase somebody steps on your toes, you could slap them with the flab on the thigh.

Blue Dress+Clutch: Shien(DIY), Socks+Stockings: random, Red heels: Irregular Choice

 Let's blue the day again.
With some dress and clutch by Shien.
Oh yes, those are my work.

In addition, 
i had to print my socks and shoes a little.
They complained that i would be too boring without them.

Floral dress+White bag+Ferragamo shoes: LA+NJ(NYC) vintage 

Everything was overdue that day.
I decided to visit the present by doing something different with my waist band.
You know, the present is to do something different.
So i tied the band on my head like a semi turban.
And i said,


P.s Johnneh is John

Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's All About Love.

vintage butterfly pin from new jersey

 Oh my love, i know i have been a bad lover but i'm back here spending some time with you right now. Please, understand that it's difficult for me to handle all the different love that i'm fanning everyday to keep alive. But there is something i want you to know full well and they are these, you are always in my mind and i'm constantly thinking about you. #Pinkypromise

So, what do you think about sunflowers being black and white? I was drawn to this vintage size 8 top, with paddings that potentially makes me look like a sumo if i didn't have it tucked into my skirt at the front, for the black and white sunflower. Despite of the negatives of the top on me, there was a sense of "everything is gonna be alright" feeling when i set my eyes on it. I guess it's just this thing about sunflowers, other than being yellow and radiant, maybe it's the inflorescence effect. It was an uncertain emotion but i'm pretty sure my emotions for it will reveal with time. 

At the mean time, i would like to confess my feelings for this pair of stilettos. It has been some tough love happening because it was my first time. But "i won't give up on us even if the skies get rough"for my love towards this pointed pair of Michael Antonio's is absolutely undeniable. I will keep walking till i master the skill of planting my heels before my toes, for every step that i take. Yes, if you don't want to walk like a duck, you better be on course with me!

Stilettos from Michael Antonio
vintage sunflower top:haji lane

Lastly, TGIF and here's a GIF of the two pictures above for you to keep that smile throughout the weekend!