Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blame it on my dad

Call me a boy if you want because this outfit was inspired by my Dad's understanding of fashion when he was a short and tiny little boy, 36 years ago(i think). Obviously i did not peak into earth to check out my future parents and see what they were wearing before my mother shit me out but i saw a picture in one of the photo album, in the photo album cardboard, of a family portrait of my father's family. Yes, i am indeed very long winded when i am bored.

Anyway, i am thinking of starting a small online shopping website that will have things that are handmade/sewn by me. Whether is it from shoes, clothings, recycled items, accessories, to some vintage clothings. The main thing about this, up and coming, website is for me to share some of the treasures that i own/buy/make for my lovely readers. Some little things that i would love to do for the people who loves me too.



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  1. gooooo for it! :D i'll get the word out for you ;)