Friday, August 24, 2012

Close Those Eyes, Open Your Eyes.

WrapDress:DVFGapKids, CoralPinkSkirt:Asos, ForalFlats:Topshop

It has been a pretty rough but short week at school. Thank God for public holidays to complete some assignments and the extra friday to blog, i feel blessed(: How did your week went? Was it as hectic and stressful as last week? Don't fret about life because YOLO, just smile at last week and keep moving on! Cheers!

"Men for the sake of getting a living forget to live." Margaret Fuller

Here i am back to my fantasies, my desire to become a beautiful mermaid, the only skirt that could make me feel like one despite of my short hair. As for my favorite kid's wear from Gap- did a collaboration with Diane von Furstenberg, she of the eponymous wrap dress, has created a collection full of prints, hardy colours and enchanting dresses for kids from new-born to (supposedly) age 14.

Honestly, i think i will never give up on the children's section unless my eating habit gets out of control.     Only children would wear anything, match all their favourite clothings together and look perky. Tomorrow, we will pick our favourites and be free form the standards of the society.

“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.” Andy Warhol

P.S. Here is an awesome song by Jessie J.


Friday, August 17, 2012


Shirt+skirt:Vintage, Pineapple socks:DressBarn, Yogabagaba loafers:Vans, Earrings:Six

First week of school is over, home works and researches are pilling up, the best thing i could think about everyday is my long weekend for a term. A four days school is amazing because i could finally breathe and not worry about being a minute late and get marked absent. Honestly, the attendance regulations are giving me nightmares and my body clock is not being nice to me by telling me to go to sleep at only 1am every night.

Hence, i would like to apologize for not managing my time/myself well enough this week and only post a picture(taken by Isaac while i visit him at SPF). I appreciate his habit of snapping pictures of people in the shop like a paparazzi. If not for this picture, i would be called a bum(py) blogger for the rest of my life.

Really, i don't know why is it that i'm starting to wear a lot of men clothing. Sometimes i would just slip myself into my dad's clothing and get tempted to just walk out of the house dressing up like a man. Well, who knows, just one day when i get bored of my own wardrobe, i may just invade into my dad's wardrobe and walk out like a boss.

The prints on the shirt was the one that caught my attention when it was hung at the booth at the flea market in new jersey. It's an art on a material made into a simple piece of man shirt during the vintage era. Ignore the crease, look at the different prints, don't they looked like they are just repetitive pictures at first sight?

To me, the shirt is like the woman's fashion diary. It's like a something that i do except that i don't need somebody to paint a picture of my outfit, with the convenience of technology, all i need is a camera. She poses in different outfits at different locations with her dog or with somebody. Whereas, i pose with myself at different locations with my tripod stand opposite me, instead of an artist. Now you see why i had to bring this back home, because that could be me if i were born in that era.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby Blue.

So, here is another pair of vintage shoes for NY that i bought in replacement of another pair that i was truly in love with.

Baby blue was love at first sight, it was sitting on the table with so much class until a hand picked it up, my heart was in my throat and i couldn't wait for the lady to put that shoe down. No matter how hard i tried to get the lady to let go, in my mind, i still failed. Well, i never really believed in a rebound but the collector was trying so hard to convince me to get this pink one instead. And obviously i got it, the collectors(cum sales person) always wins. They make a living while doing something they like, isn't it?

Anyway, i am starting to like this pink one because it is by far the most comfortable pair of flats in my shelve. It fits so nicely and the leather is so soft after being around longer than me. It's beautiful. But would be even more beautiful if i never knew baby blue.

Lastly, i am apologetic that i can't give you an exact location to purchase an identical pair of shoe as old as this(or anything vintage) because they are supposedly 'outdated'. But if you ever visit NY, do check out the brooklyn flea market. If not, you could snap shot the picture above and save it in your head or literally save it in your device if you like it. 


Sunflower top-ZaraKids, Orange pants+belt+shoe-Vintage, BigBird earrings-Diva


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I am Queen & King.

Last saturday was the Clozette Inter-Campus Pageant (SMU + NTU + NUS) photo shoot at Wisma Atria. The pageants were modeling in SpunkPunkFunk, Forever New and MDS's apparels and i had plenty of fun, along with Regina, Issac and Jen, helping out a bunch of enthusiastic good looking people at their photo shoot.

Below are a couple of things at the event that entertained me and almost sparked the little shopaholic monster in me. Thank goodness majority of them were men t-shirts or Jen's personal accessories (which were highly not applicable/available to me.) The only thing that i had real trouble within was the white sandals from forever new, above, which i have convinced myself that the sight of it should be satisfying enough until i get a closet for my shoes. (The rise of my shoe population have caused the rest of the family's shoes unhappiness due to congestion. I am guilty conscious.)

Anyway, i am so glad that the long weekend is about to approach and that i will be spending everyday of it with my family at Kuala Lumpur. As for you, i hope that you'll have a productive happy public hoilday. Be it with the family, socializing, catching up with friends, have a happy national day holiday tomorrow!

Lastly, all the best to every single participants and i wish all college students a pleasant time back in school! Cheers!

Picture   1) Forever New's sandals.
           2-9) SpunkPunkFunk & Jen's personal accessories.
             10) Me trying to balance the head gear made of two car seats.
              11)Issac from posing with a big cross(also Jen's accessories).
              12)Regina & Issac being hyper.
              13)Charlotte, broadcaster of RazorTV, behind the scene.
              14)Charlotte with her supportive and spontaneous boyfriend.
                  15)Me, Charlotte, Regina.
                  16)A female participant posing for her photo shoot.
                  17)NTU group picture.
                  18)NUS group picture.
                  19)SMU group picture.


Thursday, August 2, 2012


My grandma's peanut butter noodles.

It's about time i be honest about my weight gain after 3 months away in a place that serves twice the portion i normally take in at home. My funny friends would whisper into my ear and ask me how much weight i gained and i would slide my right hand out of my pocket with my five fingers spread. Yes, i gained 5kg from california to new jersey to new york. Despite of all the zumba, jumping jacks and jogging i did in jersey, i still did not manage to balance the intake with the output.

Do you think you can maintain or even try to embrace self control when all these food are placed in front of you? If possible, please be kind to me and tell me how you resist the temptations, i will heed those advices the next time i go on a holiday. For now, i shall commemorate the unique taste every individual dish has left me with, while you indulge in some food fantasies.




Japananese restaurant in Cali

Pie'n Burger

Vietnamese Restaurant in Cali

Chickie's & Pete's

Griddle Cafe
(Best breakfast place)