Sunday, October 21, 2012


If you have seen my previous posts about the PARCO next NEXT AW12/13 preview and all the other times i've been wanting to share with you all about the "one more label" that i've been talking about is KAE HANA. Her second collection, MONOLOCO, is a collaboration with Lully Crooelly, a good friend of hers and a fine artist, that graduated from Lasalle. Lully Crooelly has a particular skill of making awfully creative and decorative prints which attracted Kae Hana's attention and thus the collaboration.

What are your interpretations of the prints on this dress? 
I say it's the texture of the elephant skin. 
On a second thought, it reminds me of our intestines and maybe even our brain.

"AH, i give up", was what i finally said to Kae Hana when i was making guesses of what the prints were. She says those prints can be interpreted to be anything, ranging from faces, brains and also elephant skin. It's just MONOLOCO. With the bright colour pallets, neon pipings that highlights the silhouette and the same material Stella McCartney used for her Addidas collection-Lycra and dri-fit, you could simply MONOLOCO in office, at dinner and even on the tennis court.

KAE HANA says, "have fun, be loud and bold".
 Jessie Jay says,"Do it like a brother lady". 
I say, "CHEESE".

After looking, feeling and understanding the prints, i am still in awe of the whole collection. A cutting that flatters a woman's curve yet comfortable enough for a sporty time. The amazing prints on the smooth and cool (Lycra and Dri-Fit) material that i would have stared and caressed the whole evening in Parco, if i weren't told that it could be interpreted as anything.

Have a blessed and positive week ahead as i hurry off to
 complete my assignments right now!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Day With My Insects.

Credits: Jon Chan

How did your weekend went, lovelies?
I missed blogging so much i'm putting the projects on hold until i'm done with this. 

It has been long enough since i wanted to show and tell you guys about my insect top. The yellow vintage top that i dug from the American Vintage  store in Pasadena(LA) is one of the tops i would never ever give or throw away. The furtherest it would be from me would probably happen when my future daughter ransack my wardrobe and finds herself falling for the same top that her mother did in her youth. Only then would i consider lending it to her for of our mutual love for cross-stitched insects.

The vibrant colored threads that the (unknown) designer from the vintage era chose for the insects to be cross-stitched on the yellow banana+mustard(on the ikea hot dog) are so simple yet detailed. Cross-stitching reminds me of a moment in my childhood when i wanted to cross-stitch an elephant pencil case for my dad and give it to him as a birthday present in a particular year. I brought my cross stitch pouch everywhere i went and i did it on the bus, in the cab and whenever there was an advertisement break between my 7pm to 10pm television program break.

 However, after all the effort, all the time spend and the many 24th October that has passed, the potential pencil case is still in my old cupboard. It is/was disappointing because the only reason why i never gave it to him was because i did not know how to sew the corners such that it'd look like a pencil case. Besides, my mom never knew how to sew so i never went back to it. By the time i knew how to sew, i was old enough to realize that it was a gay idea so i dropped it...

Moving on to the bell pants inspired from the sixtiesssssssssssss made in the twentiessssssss and produced by forever twentyoneeeeeeeee. Yes, be surprised my friends, beautiful things can be found anywhere as long as you keep your eyes open. The only problem i had with this pants is the length… It is obvious that it wasn't designed for asians with short legs like me. Thankfully, with my ASOS 4-inches sandals, the pants were able to hide my toes and not cause me to trip over any excess materials. 

Oh how blessed i am to have pants that could hide my ugly toes yet give me an unproportionate long legs, which i would never achieve in my whole life without the bell pants.

Before i sign off, i wish all of you a purposeful week ahead~

Scarf: from India,  Necklace & Yellow top: Vintage, BellPants: Forever21, Bag:BetseyJohnson


Thursday, October 4, 2012


Big apologies for the posting gap. The ninja turtle took up the MBS lantern making project for the Mid-Autumn Festival and spend her project week making lantern and catching up with a couple of school projects. Now that she's done with the external project, she is back in the race with the rabbit. 

After a couple of weeks of being patient with me, i would like to present to you MASH-UP which will present to you "ATLANTA GOES TO ATLANTIS" AW12/13 collection. "The collection explores the possibility of urban life underwater. "Atlanta Goes To Atlantis" narrates the Atlanta basketball team finding itself in the mythical city of Atlantis, and promises a healthy dose of imagination, urban legend and current youth cultures."

In a basketball game, the guard, forward and centre, are enough for a good game. Similarly, the MASH-UP team composed of designers, Daniela, Nathanael & Shaf Amis'aabudin, played a great game and put up a wacky show during their Audi Fashion Festival 2012 debut in Singapore.

The team's refreshing and bold attitudes completely blew me off when i went to their space in Parco. There was a whimsical crowd of people in lobster jerseys that shouts MASH-UP in my vintage face and i felt like i was pawned immediately. The initially calm me, in a vintage dress, was hyped up after getting to know more about the label and hearing the inspirations of the collection. Such that i was unable to settle on which row of clothes to check out first... The tremendous change of mood from hibernating in the school's studio throughout the day to a psyched up night gave my day a balance.

For a better understanding of what my emotions were that day, i advice you to pop by Parco this weekend and let the sharks and lobsters take you to a journey to Atlantis. 

Now, would you excuse me as i attend to my fringe. It's getting too long and i'm getting too bored with the bushy hair. Please keep your fingers crossed for me as i keep mine steady on the hair, if not then laugh so hard and pity my hair when you see the outcome.

p.s I am not done with Parco