Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skater Girl Wannabe

I have decided to do the outfit post the way i'm most comfortable with on another post. It's complicated to do a proper one when i keep putting on and off clothings in just an event, as mentioned in the previous post. No judgement kay.

That white skirt from ELLE is supposedly a tennis skirt but i have no idea why i was holding on to a skate board instead of a racket. I think i should just blame it on memorial day because i have been commemorating all Americans who have died in all wars. So much sadness that I mistook a skateboard as a racket. #Blameless

Look at men socks, they look almost perfect to me... One strange habit of mine is that my eyes are always wondering to the men section just so i know that i'm not missing out on anything good or inspiring. That mentality has unexpectedly found me a couple of fancy men shocks in Brooks Brothers while looking for a dress shirt for my Dad. You may think Brooks Brothers only make premium clothings, they also have the cutest socks at the most reasonable price. They were all so cute, i had an absolutely hard time choosing which ones to get... Blessing in disguise, opposite. Opposite. Both.

Pink cropped top-Forever21(Dara's top), White skirt-ELLE, Men socks-Brooks Brothers, Red Sneakers-Converse, Pink Skateboard-Penny(Kit's)
Shoot you, sista.


No Judgement.

Today is memorial day, i'm back from the crazy pms-ing weather in NYC and it's summer now. The intense sun of America has made my watch tan even more obvious than ever. It's bad and ugly...#LittleRegrets i should have heed my aunt's advice and applied some sunblock.

I'm so glad that my youngest sissy(Dara) & her friend(Kit) is finally in new jersey with me. We had so much fun skating on the pavement, cycling in the middle of the road, climb on fences(purely for fun), lying on the grass, put on/ take off/exchange clothings in the park, taking pictures of any other moving things and getting burn into roasted pigs together. We are young, we do the stupidest things ever and we don't care if you care.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vain As A Peacock

Life in marlton feels really fast... I wake up in the late morning, skype with my sissys in Singapore, go for lunch at the family restaurant(Lim Fong), go back home and plan for our trip to NYC tomorrow. It has been awhile since i reached New Jersey and all i could remember were vague memories throughout these three weeks. Zumba classes, Cherryhill Mall, eat, sleep, movie nights, philly day out with Grandma & Lisa, basket ball with Andrew & Huizhen and Atlantic City. I'm looking forward to family gathering on memorial day though.

I'm starting to get worried when i get back to the 'real world'(Singapore). When school starts and when i can't roll in the bed till 11am, i have to set my priorities right again. I need Jesus.
Geen peter pan collar blouse-thailand, Mermaid look alike sleeveless top-Dustbunny Vintage, High waisted shorts-The Dude, Maxi Skirt-Shien, Blue&Purple Pumps-free press

I have found myself a pair of blue pumps from nordstorm rack and i personally feel that a few of the shoes there are actually pretty awesome. Like Bally, it's shoe designs are timeless and they have adhered to only the highest standard of excellence. The only reason that is holding me back from purchasing a Bally is my budget but i truly appreciate that their shoes are made with painstaking attention to detail. I'm waiting for myself to grow older so that i can buy myself Ballys.

Anyway, here is the skirt that i mentioned 6 months back, I'm finally wearing the maxi skirt that i sewn for prom. Goodness me, the skirt is half a year old already and the top that i also made for prom is still   
squashed between other abandoned clothes in my wardrobe at home. Who knows, maybe i'll wear it 6 months later.

How about the vintage strapless top? I've eyed on that top for a few months while i was still in Dustbunny Vintage and only decided to get it on my last week(if i didn't get it wrong). I find the top extremely interesting and it also reminds me of a mermaid...Well, i'm sure my fetish for mermaids or actually mystical creatures explains it all anyway.


Thursday, May 17, 2012


Let's talk about tattoos today. What do you think about it? Do you think it's just a moment of hype like a trend? I don't know but i had something for tattoos ever since i was little. I'm not sure if i've ever mentioned anything about my fetish for tattoos before but i'm going to say it anyway. I'm pretty sure it all started when i saw a mermaid tattoo on my grandfather's thigh and a few other ones on his body and i remember asking my cousin if she thought they were pretty or not. She said that she didn't like them and that she would never get one because she thought that they were ugly. The whole thing about tattoos only then struck me when she asked me back the same question and i told her that i didn't like it too. 

I had an impression that tattoos were for gangsters and bad children so i did not know if it would be wrong or strange for me to openly declare my love for tattoos or even think that they were a little cute. Ironically, i felt wrong saying that i didn't like it so i wondered about that weird feeling and thought about tattoos. I would pick a book about tattoos from the library and read about the significance of each of their tattoos. Some would go under the needle for their loved ones, religious purpose, due to a mistake/out of impulse, and some would just put it for fun.

For me, i might put it because it was something i wanted/liked since i was young. I could never comprehend why i had such strong fetish for such things(tattoos) as a little girl. Maybe i have a little gangster genes from my grandfather. I don't know. Maybe i should see a psychiatrist about it. I'm kidding.

Anyway, talking so much about my obsession for tattoos, the hard truth is that i am never going to get one. I can't. My parents would flip table, flip me upside down and then flip me out of the house. The most i can do is stare at people with nice tattoos(like a pervert) and get any tattoo look alike things (like the leggings above that i found in bugis street). Anything temporary, i take.  


Friday, May 11, 2012

I am Not Old, I am Vintage.

Today is the last day of Post Rationing Day.

It has been about a week since the last post and i think it's about time i post my very last one saved in blogger. The lappy is not arriving on thursday anymore, it's only arriving on monday. I know i'm pretty much blessed that i didn't lose it or something but i really missed my computer. Without my own valid phone line, without my computer, without my own driving license, without my own car, i literally feel like a handicap person. It's not like i have a car or a driving license back at home but without them in such a big country is almost similar to not having legs.

It feels like a real holiday but i think i would prefer to have some things to do to keep me connected with the world. I can't not do anything. I can't not live in a city. Anyway, i just want to apologise for my carelessness (again) and nobody should ever do something so silly in their life after seeing these.

Back to the vintage jumpsuit that my dearest aunty jean(a tailor that i worked with while i was in dustbunny) made for me the week before i stopped working. I think it may be a farewell gift for me even though i still paid her a little for the effort. Not only did she made one for me, she also sewed one for my sissy. She used vintage cloths that she kept from the 90s and used it for our jumpsuits. Besides, she used a cloth that espirit used during the 90s to make my sister's. Isn't she such a sweet old lady? I like her.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

An Ocean of Memories

Before i go on about those pictures above, i have to apologise for not posting as regularly as before because i stupidly left my laptop in LA. I really shouldn't have booked a 6am flight to phil, nobody should do that. Lessons learned 1)do not try to multi task while booking airplane tix/shuttle vans. 2)bring a bigger luggage if you're going for holiday so that you'll never need to carry too many things on your hands when you do too much shopping. 3)Ship your clothings by Fedex/UPS/USPS instead of checking in your luggage. 4)never take a yellow cab in LA so book your shuttle on the right day because the yellow cab cost a BOMB. Remember, don't ever take a cab unless you fulfill all the mistakes listed above. It would be sillier to miss your flight.  

Lastly, never ever forget your laptop for boba(bubble tea). Please learn from my lessons, it makes it easier for me to forgive myself.

Enough of unpleasant events.

Back to the photos above, it is the place every vintage lover would love to visit. It has a wide range of vintage clothings, vests, coats, shoes, boots, hats, ties, luggage, bags and etc for men and women. From psychedelic printed dresses to chinese fans printed dresses. Silk to leather. It's amazing. Please, if you ever visit pasadena in LA, drop by 1240 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91106.

The only not so positive thing about this stop is that it isn't as bright as it looks like in the pictures. You'd probably have second thoughts before entering the stop because it's a big area that's loaded with everything a fashionista needs. The basement is even scarier, i would advice you to visit the shop in pairs or in a group if not then go down when somebody in the shop decides to go down too.

Overall, the American Vintage shop was my favourite vintage shop among the other 6 vintage shops that i've visited in LA or maybe just around pasadena. haha