Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday to You.

The hair is growing long and the holiday is growing short. It is about time i get a new haircut before my face gets buried under that bush. How did your weekend went? It's probably going to be the last carefree and burdenless sunday night, after 9 months, even though i have technically one more week left till the end of  the not-so-endless holiday. All those forceful expressions on my face.. I apologize if you're not comfortable with it at all but that's the way i try to captivate optimism in me so that when i look in the mirror, everything will seem fine.

On the day i had this old jumper and bow tie on (from Forte Greene Flea Market in brooklyn), i had a couple of people doing the same actions and shouting the same word- Elmo. They had a hand on their waist and the other on their chin like a nike sign and they paused for awhile trying to recall something then suddenly, "Elmo! You look like elmo!".

Really? Do i really looked like elmo? Because i kept looking at the pictures and i still don't see an elmo in that outfit. Although, i felt like a PowerRanger with the big Adidas digital watch on...

I never really liked digital watches because of all the noise that they make every hourly that i find very embarrassing. But it didn't take me long to decide that i wanted this watch because i've had my eyes on it ever since last year. There was a girl at tuition with the same watch but in purple, and my eyes would always drift away from the white board to the watch. In fact, i think the watch was the greatest distraction during tuition...My goodness, who knew watches could be such great distraction...

p.s I fell asleep last night before i post this up.

Here's an inspiring quote for you to hang in throughout the week. Happy Monday, love.

“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.” - Dolly Parton
Jumper+bow tie-Thrifted, Multi colored watch-Adidas, Yogabagaba loafers-Vans


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Hat Revival

After months of reconstructing and restoring, i am so pleased with the outcome of the little garden in my estate. I have a feeling it's going to be the default background in future. For now, i am still pretty enamored by the whole setting of a lamp post, some rocks and some greens in a picture- reminds me of Narnia (minus the snow) when Lucy steps out of the wardrobe. Doesn't it?

The hat was adopted from a vintage/thrift shop somewhere around Graham Ave in brooklyn. The store had lots of fancy boots, hats and clothings... There was actually somebody that was on a boots snatching competition with me and i lost by a bit. She was initially behind me but i insisted of having my eyes on every pair of boots so she over took me and grabbed the nice ones before my eyes could reach their turn. But it's okay because i found myself a nice hat, i told myself.

One other thing is that after i started using the purple coach backpack, i have not stopped using it. With it on my back, it was easy for me to race down singapore river in my sneakers to look for 18 Circular Road to find out that my IN-N-OUT burger was sold out even before the official starting time at 11am. Besides, the space in the supposedly small size backpack was bigger than it seemed and i am may think that the backpack is even more ready for school than i am.. It's about time i get psyched for school after 9 months of hibernation and get over the animal style burger. I should stop being a bear.

Purple Lace Top-Zara, White shorts+Hat-Thrifted, Pink Shoes-Vintage, Purple backpack-Coach


Friday, July 20, 2012


Necklace, pink skirt, blue burette-Vintage, Blue pumps-Free press, Blue symmetrical dress-some shop at level3 of cineleisure

Firstly, i have to apologize for disappearing for a week focusing on getting myself back to the supposedly normal lifestyle after being away from reality for 3 months. For trying to stay awake for 24hrs and sleeping only when everybody in the house sleeps, i am proud to say that i'm more or less over jet lag. At least i'm conscious enough to type this post out and be reachable to the society and people around me.

As for the blue symmetrical & half-knitted dress which i thought looked better on me in the mirror in fitting room in the shop at level 3 in cineleisure than in the mirror in my own room, i finally wore it out with the help of my other two favourite blue things on me. Although, i still can't quite comprehend the reason behind myself thinking that the dress looks better in the mirror in the fitting room than my room's but whatever... I shall wait for my sister to graduate from psychology and tell me what i was thinking.

Anyway, i was glad that i wore it out yesterday even though it was pretty bright and sunny in the morning because the weather took a turn in noon time and everybody was feeling cold except for me. I was warm in all that wool~

Well, let's all wish that the weather will learn about constancy so that everyday will be a happy day for you and i.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

I love Brooklyn & RHLS


Have you ever considered checking out brooklyn when you visit New York? Are you one of those who shows no interest in visiting brooklyn because you hear from people that it's not the safest or the most interesting place? Honestly, i would be so excited about all the lights in NYC that i would have forgotten about the existence of brooklyn.(In fact that happened the first time i went down...)But i couldn't be in the states for 3 months and miss the other awesome part of NY because people says that they've heard from other people that brooklyn is not a 'good' place and that there would not be anything nice to see there anyway. Really, i think not so. In fact, i say brooklyn is a place you'll have to check out especially during the weekends when the vintage flea markets are all so good every weekend.

Besides, there are also quite a few apparel/jewelry/shoe/bag designers that are based there too. Just like designers R. Mackswell Sherman and Sarah Jones of Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty(RHLS), that owns a humble and fun looking boutique called MOVES in 419 Graham Ave, Brooklyn NY. If you ever get a chance to interact with the pair of eccentric, fun and futuristic designers, you would realize that their works portray their characters. Really, they are so true to their work, it's sincere and fun.

MOVES also consigns many creative designers's works so you can literally get a range of accessories, shoes, bags, swim wears, clothes and even a cape cum towel with ketchup and mustard bottles on it. And you know what, the sausage pants is my favorite.

This designer draw his designs on shirts so there are limited pieces. #prettyspecial


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If you are ever at a loss to support a flagging conversation, introduce the subject of eating. Leigh Hunt

These contents are a little unusual from what i normally have on this space but i promise they are a few of the many good ones in NYC. Besides, they are places both my new yokers cousins recommended so they were marked, tried and reaffirmed by a tourist from Singapore too.

Any kind person with better food radar, please kindly leave a comment below so that everybody can grow fat in NYC together.


After trying the different burgers throughout my whole trip,
...Bobby's Burger Palace's L.A.Burger> ShakeShack's ShackStack> In-n-Out's DoubleCheeseBurger...

Best place for chicken wings and fried rice cakes so far.
I can't remember the different names of the dishes but the MangoLassi(yogurt drink) is best there. 
I don't think it's Ippudo in Japanese though.
Banana, LemonBlueberry, ChocolateMarshmallow

My favorite cupcakes,
RedVelvet> Black&White> LemonBlueberry> ChocolateMarshmallow...


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Henrik Vibskov's Boutique-NYC

Being in NYC for another week for the third time during this trip had me thinking about lots of things. Well, i was alone and i had nobody to talk to so i thought to myself about everything. What would it be like living in NY? Just as difficult as living in Singapore, both are competitive cities. What cuisine should i have today? Japanese. Which cupcakes from Sprinkles should i get? Lemon Blueberry, Chocolate Marshmallow and Chocolate Banana. What if i were a boy? I would have just as much fun dressing myself up. Would i wear high waist pants? Hmmmm... FOR SURE(I didn't forget that i would have something between my legs though).

I'm not sure if Henrik Vibskov decided that men should start putting on high waisted pants and designed a couple of those for his buyers or i was way too into the thought of myself as a boy in high waisted pants but the idea of a multi colored pant on either a boy or a girl feels/looks fun and gay, which traditionally means happy anyway.

The Henrik Vibskov boutique in 456 BROOME STREET 10013 NEW YORK- USA has more than just the triple D(designer, drummer and daddy of a child) man's collections. It has also been beautified with many creative jewelry made by a couple of designers in NY, like Susan and Vanessa, that also helps out at the boutique. Let me tell you how i feel about the jewelries in the boutique, some are ravishing and some others are fascinating but all are creative.

These are the little creative and sincere things that tourists have to see to be able to truly understand New York City. You need to see it and put it on to feel the fun of it.

Unisex Multi Coloured Shorts
Men's Collection
Women's colllection
A page in Henrik Vibskov's Book
A space for the jewelry designers in the boutique
Vanessa and the necklace that she designed for herself