Saturday, December 31, 2011

Too many Mimosas in the world....

BlessedBelatedMerryChristmas! I know i'm 5 days late and it's really strange to put this up right now bcos i would might as well say Happy New Year instead. O well, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! While i was choosing what to wear on Christmas i thought maybe something really colourful would suit the day(becos it is a joyful and happy day as Jesus was born!), so i picked out the most colourful piece of clothing from my wardrobe, and this was it. It was the most precious clothing i found in Zouk's charity flee and it's actually a dress from Mimosa but i do not know/ have yet to find the correct Mimosa becos there are just too many Mimosas in the world!(both literally & figuratively) So if anyone of you know which Mimosa this dress came from, please drop me a comment!

Multi coloured dress: Mimosa?
Pink Bagpack: Lascoste
Orange belt: used since i was a child


Thursday, December 29, 2011


The leather products made here(a leather factory in Ephesus) are designed by top designers such as Gucci, Dior, Armani…etc but before the designer labels are put on this factory has the rightness to sell them. The products are beautiful, so soft and the showroom had something for everyones taste, such that even my mommy unknotted her fingers to try on her favourite red leather jacket and decided that it shall be flown back to Singapore with her.(It could also partly be because i couldn't stop blabbering about how comfy,stylish and worthwhile the jacket is.I think:/)

Like a cape coat,makes me feel like a hero. My favourite.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Turkey for Christmas! not that one...

This post is definitely not any outfit post but i would still love to share with you guys the fun and different culture i was exposed to in Turkey! Enjoy the pictures and hope those images will pop out in your dreams so that you can have a free trip to Turkey! Have a goood trip! (;
Good morning,Turkey!
Ahhhh...why so cold in the morning);
FRENCH FRIES with KEBAB for lunch!
one of the views taken on the hot air balloon
In the Kaymakli Underground City
Stone dooooooooor!
Say CHEESE with me!
Carpet Factory
Cacoon made to silk
After sacrificing many potential butterflies);
Modern Aladdin(Jerome)
young ladies making carpets for a living
Wheeeheee!Time to nom and grow fat!
Ha, shopping time(;
The most adorable shoe in turkey.
Again,the retards.
ohhh...sunset..One down,nine more to go.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Desert Boots FTW.

view of the highway from MBS 

Me,Benjamin,Anna,Julia(Awesome friends from EL)
pardon that ugly face of mine..

Grey dress:Zara
Green blouse: Gift from my cousin(;
Purple Leather Desert Boot:Clarks Original
This pair of Clarks is currently my favourite pair of shoes on my shoe rack. The Originals original,the Desert Boot was designed in 1949 by Nathan Clark and launched at the Chicago Shoe Fair a year later, Its inspiration was a crepe-soled  boot made from rough suede in Cairo's fabled Old Bazaar and the choice for off-duty Eighth Army officers. The simple lines and conspicuous comfort were an instant hit and the first ever casual shoe was born. The rest,as they say,is history. Often imitated but was never bettered,sometimes different but in spirit always the same,long live the Originals Desert Boot.-The story of Clarks Originals.
I have seen and tried on many imitated ones and i have to tell you that none of them can beat the comfort of the original one. The thing i love most about this pair of boots is that despite the warm and humid climate of Singapore, my feet feels cooooool in the boot. There are many other cute designs that i wished my daddy would buy for me as well,but nobody in the right state of mind will buy more than one pair of the same kind of boots for one person. Besides, he bought four pairs back for his four ladies at home.