Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Orange Patched Vintage Skirt

So after seeking for advices from a few of my friends who has their own online shopping businesses, i have decided to take things slow and use Shien to hold my little online shopping business for the mean time. While i continue to do my outfit posts and etc, i may also have some awesome pieces to share with you guys on the way.

This skirt for instance, is a piece i found in Chinatown while looking for materials. I thought it would be quite fun to do some shopping for you ladies so i decided to get it anyway because whether anybody is going to be interested in this orange patched vintage skirt or not, i am willing to adopt and adore it in the end.

If you fancy this orange patched vintage skirt as much as i do, please email me at       elisalim_shien@hotmail.com and i promise to get back to you asap.

One size(small), one design.

p.s The first picture above shows the exact tone of the orange patched vintage skirt.

Orange Patched Vintage Skirt-$27


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