Thursday, August 2, 2012


My grandma's peanut butter noodles.

It's about time i be honest about my weight gain after 3 months away in a place that serves twice the portion i normally take in at home. My funny friends would whisper into my ear and ask me how much weight i gained and i would slide my right hand out of my pocket with my five fingers spread. Yes, i gained 5kg from california to new jersey to new york. Despite of all the zumba, jumping jacks and jogging i did in jersey, i still did not manage to balance the intake with the output.

Do you think you can maintain or even try to embrace self control when all these food are placed in front of you? If possible, please be kind to me and tell me how you resist the temptations, i will heed those advices the next time i go on a holiday. For now, i shall commemorate the unique taste every individual dish has left me with, while you indulge in some food fantasies.




Japananese restaurant in Cali

Pie'n Burger

Vietnamese Restaurant in Cali

Chickie's & Pete's

Griddle Cafe
(Best breakfast place)


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