Friday, August 17, 2012


Shirt+skirt:Vintage, Pineapple socks:DressBarn, Yogabagaba loafers:Vans, Earrings:Six

First week of school is over, home works and researches are pilling up, the best thing i could think about everyday is my long weekend for a term. A four days school is amazing because i could finally breathe and not worry about being a minute late and get marked absent. Honestly, the attendance regulations are giving me nightmares and my body clock is not being nice to me by telling me to go to sleep at only 1am every night.

Hence, i would like to apologize for not managing my time/myself well enough this week and only post a picture(taken by Isaac while i visit him at SPF). I appreciate his habit of snapping pictures of people in the shop like a paparazzi. If not for this picture, i would be called a bum(py) blogger for the rest of my life.

Really, i don't know why is it that i'm starting to wear a lot of men clothing. Sometimes i would just slip myself into my dad's clothing and get tempted to just walk out of the house dressing up like a man. Well, who knows, just one day when i get bored of my own wardrobe, i may just invade into my dad's wardrobe and walk out like a boss.

The prints on the shirt was the one that caught my attention when it was hung at the booth at the flea market in new jersey. It's an art on a material made into a simple piece of man shirt during the vintage era. Ignore the crease, look at the different prints, don't they looked like they are just repetitive pictures at first sight?

To me, the shirt is like the woman's fashion diary. It's like a something that i do except that i don't need somebody to paint a picture of my outfit, with the convenience of technology, all i need is a camera. She poses in different outfits at different locations with her dog or with somebody. Whereas, i pose with myself at different locations with my tripod stand opposite me, instead of an artist. Now you see why i had to bring this back home, because that could be me if i were born in that era.


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