Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I am Queen & King.

Last saturday was the Clozette Inter-Campus Pageant (SMU + NTU + NUS) photo shoot at Wisma Atria. The pageants were modeling in SpunkPunkFunk, Forever New and MDS's apparels and i had plenty of fun, along with Regina, Issac and Jen, helping out a bunch of enthusiastic good looking people at their photo shoot.

Below are a couple of things at the event that entertained me and almost sparked the little shopaholic monster in me. Thank goodness majority of them were men t-shirts or Jen's personal accessories (which were highly not applicable/available to me.) The only thing that i had real trouble within was the white sandals from forever new, above, which i have convinced myself that the sight of it should be satisfying enough until i get a closet for my shoes. (The rise of my shoe population have caused the rest of the family's shoes unhappiness due to congestion. I am guilty conscious.)

Anyway, i am so glad that the long weekend is about to approach and that i will be spending everyday of it with my family at Kuala Lumpur. As for you, i hope that you'll have a productive happy public hoilday. Be it with the family, socializing, catching up with friends, have a happy national day holiday tomorrow!

Lastly, all the best to every single participants and i wish all college students a pleasant time back in school! Cheers!

Picture   1) Forever New's sandals.
           2-9) SpunkPunkFunk & Jen's personal accessories.
             10) Me trying to balance the head gear made of two car seats.
              11)Issac from posing with a big cross(also Jen's accessories).
              12)Regina & Issac being hyper.
              13)Charlotte, broadcaster of RazorTV, behind the scene.
              14)Charlotte with her supportive and spontaneous boyfriend.
                  15)Me, Charlotte, Regina.
                  16)A female participant posing for her photo shoot.
                  17)NTU group picture.
                  18)NUS group picture.
                  19)SMU group picture.


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