Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby Blue.

So, here is another pair of vintage shoes for NY that i bought in replacement of another pair that i was truly in love with.

Baby blue was love at first sight, it was sitting on the table with so much class until a hand picked it up, my heart was in my throat and i couldn't wait for the lady to put that shoe down. No matter how hard i tried to get the lady to let go, in my mind, i still failed. Well, i never really believed in a rebound but the collector was trying so hard to convince me to get this pink one instead. And obviously i got it, the collectors(cum sales person) always wins. They make a living while doing something they like, isn't it?

Anyway, i am starting to like this pink one because it is by far the most comfortable pair of flats in my shelve. It fits so nicely and the leather is so soft after being around longer than me. It's beautiful. But would be even more beautiful if i never knew baby blue.

Lastly, i am apologetic that i can't give you an exact location to purchase an identical pair of shoe as old as this(or anything vintage) because they are supposedly 'outdated'. But if you ever visit NY, do check out the brooklyn flea market. If not, you could snap shot the picture above and save it in your head or literally save it in your device if you like it. 


Sunflower top-ZaraKids, Orange pants+belt+shoe-Vintage, BigBird earrings-Diva


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