Friday, July 20, 2012


Necklace, pink skirt, blue burette-Vintage, Blue pumps-Free press, Blue symmetrical dress-some shop at level3 of cineleisure

Firstly, i have to apologize for disappearing for a week focusing on getting myself back to the supposedly normal lifestyle after being away from reality for 3 months. For trying to stay awake for 24hrs and sleeping only when everybody in the house sleeps, i am proud to say that i'm more or less over jet lag. At least i'm conscious enough to type this post out and be reachable to the society and people around me.

As for the blue symmetrical & half-knitted dress which i thought looked better on me in the mirror in fitting room in the shop at level 3 in cineleisure than in the mirror in my own room, i finally wore it out with the help of my other two favourite blue things on me. Although, i still can't quite comprehend the reason behind myself thinking that the dress looks better in the mirror in the fitting room than my room's but whatever... I shall wait for my sister to graduate from psychology and tell me what i was thinking.

Anyway, i was glad that i wore it out yesterday even though it was pretty bright and sunny in the morning because the weather took a turn in noon time and everybody was feeling cold except for me. I was warm in all that wool~

Well, let's all wish that the weather will learn about constancy so that everyday will be a happy day for you and i.


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