Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Hat Revival

After months of reconstructing and restoring, i am so pleased with the outcome of the little garden in my estate. I have a feeling it's going to be the default background in future. For now, i am still pretty enamored by the whole setting of a lamp post, some rocks and some greens in a picture- reminds me of Narnia (minus the snow) when Lucy steps out of the wardrobe. Doesn't it?

The hat was adopted from a vintage/thrift shop somewhere around Graham Ave in brooklyn. The store had lots of fancy boots, hats and clothings... There was actually somebody that was on a boots snatching competition with me and i lost by a bit. She was initially behind me but i insisted of having my eyes on every pair of boots so she over took me and grabbed the nice ones before my eyes could reach their turn. But it's okay because i found myself a nice hat, i told myself.

One other thing is that after i started using the purple coach backpack, i have not stopped using it. With it on my back, it was easy for me to race down singapore river in my sneakers to look for 18 Circular Road to find out that my IN-N-OUT burger was sold out even before the official starting time at 11am. Besides, the space in the supposedly small size backpack was bigger than it seemed and i am may think that the backpack is even more ready for school than i am.. It's about time i get psyched for school after 9 months of hibernation and get over the animal style burger. I should stop being a bear.

Purple Lace Top-Zara, White shorts+Hat-Thrifted, Pink Shoes-Vintage, Purple backpack-Coach


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