Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday to You.

The hair is growing long and the holiday is growing short. It is about time i get a new haircut before my face gets buried under that bush. How did your weekend went? It's probably going to be the last carefree and burdenless sunday night, after 9 months, even though i have technically one more week left till the end of  the not-so-endless holiday. All those forceful expressions on my face.. I apologize if you're not comfortable with it at all but that's the way i try to captivate optimism in me so that when i look in the mirror, everything will seem fine.

On the day i had this old jumper and bow tie on (from Forte Greene Flea Market in brooklyn), i had a couple of people doing the same actions and shouting the same word- Elmo. They had a hand on their waist and the other on their chin like a nike sign and they paused for awhile trying to recall something then suddenly, "Elmo! You look like elmo!".

Really? Do i really looked like elmo? Because i kept looking at the pictures and i still don't see an elmo in that outfit. Although, i felt like a PowerRanger with the big Adidas digital watch on...

I never really liked digital watches because of all the noise that they make every hourly that i find very embarrassing. But it didn't take me long to decide that i wanted this watch because i've had my eyes on it ever since last year. There was a girl at tuition with the same watch but in purple, and my eyes would always drift away from the white board to the watch. In fact, i think the watch was the greatest distraction during tuition...My goodness, who knew watches could be such great distraction...

p.s I fell asleep last night before i post this up.

Here's an inspiring quote for you to hang in throughout the week. Happy Monday, love.

“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.” - Dolly Parton
Jumper+bow tie-Thrifted, Multi colored watch-Adidas, Yogabagaba loafers-Vans


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