Saturday, July 14, 2012

I love Brooklyn & RHLS


Have you ever considered checking out brooklyn when you visit New York? Are you one of those who shows no interest in visiting brooklyn because you hear from people that it's not the safest or the most interesting place? Honestly, i would be so excited about all the lights in NYC that i would have forgotten about the existence of brooklyn.(In fact that happened the first time i went down...)But i couldn't be in the states for 3 months and miss the other awesome part of NY because people says that they've heard from other people that brooklyn is not a 'good' place and that there would not be anything nice to see there anyway. Really, i think not so. In fact, i say brooklyn is a place you'll have to check out especially during the weekends when the vintage flea markets are all so good every weekend.

Besides, there are also quite a few apparel/jewelry/shoe/bag designers that are based there too. Just like designers R. Mackswell Sherman and Sarah Jones of Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty(RHLS), that owns a humble and fun looking boutique called MOVES in 419 Graham Ave, Brooklyn NY. If you ever get a chance to interact with the pair of eccentric, fun and futuristic designers, you would realize that their works portray their characters. Really, they are so true to their work, it's sincere and fun.

MOVES also consigns many creative designers's works so you can literally get a range of accessories, shoes, bags, swim wears, clothes and even a cape cum towel with ketchup and mustard bottles on it. And you know what, the sausage pants is my favorite.

This designer draw his designs on shirts so there are limited pieces. #prettyspecial


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