Thursday, July 5, 2012

Henrik Vibskov's Boutique-NYC

Being in NYC for another week for the third time during this trip had me thinking about lots of things. Well, i was alone and i had nobody to talk to so i thought to myself about everything. What would it be like living in NY? Just as difficult as living in Singapore, both are competitive cities. What cuisine should i have today? Japanese. Which cupcakes from Sprinkles should i get? Lemon Blueberry, Chocolate Marshmallow and Chocolate Banana. What if i were a boy? I would have just as much fun dressing myself up. Would i wear high waist pants? Hmmmm... FOR SURE(I didn't forget that i would have something between my legs though).

I'm not sure if Henrik Vibskov decided that men should start putting on high waisted pants and designed a couple of those for his buyers or i was way too into the thought of myself as a boy in high waisted pants but the idea of a multi colored pant on either a boy or a girl feels/looks fun and gay, which traditionally means happy anyway.

The Henrik Vibskov boutique in 456 BROOME STREET 10013 NEW YORK- USA has more than just the triple D(designer, drummer and daddy of a child) man's collections. It has also been beautified with many creative jewelry made by a couple of designers in NY, like Susan and Vanessa, that also helps out at the boutique. Let me tell you how i feel about the jewelries in the boutique, some are ravishing and some others are fascinating but all are creative.

These are the little creative and sincere things that tourists have to see to be able to truly understand New York City. You need to see it and put it on to feel the fun of it.

Unisex Multi Coloured Shorts
Men's Collection
Women's colllection
A page in Henrik Vibskov's Book
A space for the jewelry designers in the boutique
Vanessa and the necklace that she designed for herself


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