Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mixture of Goodness.

Headband-H&M, Blazer-Express, Floral tights-Heritage21, Sneakers-Asics,  Bowtie+dress shirt-vintage

I felt like i've got something together when i remember that i have individual pictures of my face, body and legs. It's rare that i have so many different angle pictures of myself in a day except when i'm with my sissy(Dara) and Kit. They're camera shy, sometimes, and i'm not so they take pictures of me. Btw, i'm so happy that the first picture did not scare you away, if not then i guess you'd never get to this part.

Bow tie+blazer, floral vintage dress shirt, sport shoes+floral short exercise tights=??? I really don't know what i was doing but i thought it worked out quite well anyway. It's a little formal, a little back in time, a little sporty and a lot of comfort. It felt pretty good, besides, somebody thought that i was younger or twins with my youngest sissy(which is 15yrs old). I take it as a compliment even though that would mean that i still look like a child but whatever.

About the giveaway, looks like nobody is very interested in the vintage ram ring except for me, my sister(alicia) and Khoa(my cousin's bf). Either that, it could mean that i'm writing to me and myself every twice a week which is something pretty interesting anyway. But if you're reading this then i'm glad because that means that i have you, if not then nobody, except myself would read this. I'm thankful that this blog is one of the few other things that are keeping me sane.

Love you, Shien & my imaginary readers.


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