Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shien's own Detachable Pants

Detachable pants were something that i always wanted as a child. I was always on a look out for them during chinese new year clothing shopping but only saw those trousers for boys. Either that they were in khaki colour and my mommy would squint her eyes, shake her head and walk away leaving me staring hopelessly at the pants.

With a pair of vintage Calvin Klein high waist shorts and a few inches of left over material from the SemiNike dress that i made last week, Shien's own version of a detachable pants was born.

Now i no longer have to wish for them, i own it, i made it.

It's the girls version.
Top-Forever21, Belt-Shien, Detachable Pants-Shien, Blue pumps-Free press



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