Saturday, June 23, 2012

SemiNike Dress

This is the Nike Shirt + extra material = Shien's DIY dress.

I was feeling so comfortable that day, except for the weather that was dehydrating many living things other than the roses outside the house( i was surprised though), i wore everything blue. Or at least majority was blue but i still think that they all someway or another matched. See, the dress is now semi Nike since it has been DIY-ed and those sports shoes are from Nike so they make a pair. Then, the dress is obviously blue, the beret is baby blue and the socks are blue(excluding the pineapples) too.

Don't you feel right?

Anyway, i've been thinking about the purpose of this blog and my time spend before school starts in August. I realized that i've side tracked from my purpose or my resolutions for this blog and this year quite a bit. I wanted to create and that was my priority but i got too caught up with the other blogging stuffs and etc-including staring at Facebook for i don't know what purpose, maybe i was addicted or maybe i thought that my holiday was eternal. I stopped making that often and after i did this dress, i remember how much i wanted to sew when i didn't have the time to do so because of Olevels. From right now, i am determine to balance things out and try to stay on track while i still have the time to do so. Let's hope that school won't take too much of my own time away, until then, let's be positive about every little changes on Shien.

 BabyBlueBeret-Antique, Blue semi Nike dress-Shien(DIY), Socks-Dress Barn, Sneakers-Nike


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