Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Day in NYC.

As promised, i'm going to let these pictures show you my first day in NYC. Imagine yourself in my red sneakers and try to enjoy it as much as i did.

It was 9ish in the morning and H&S grabbed some broochers from the hotel before we head towards the visitor centre in Times Square to purchase our two days pass to unlimited tourist attractions all over NYC.   Then began all the running in NYC... Honestly, i felt busier than the new yorkers on the street because while we were running they were only speed walking. I guess that's life for anybody in NYC even on holiday.

This is the statue in the middle of Radio City. It's called the Spirit of The Dance if i didn't remember wrongly. She's silver but became gold in my picture because of the lightings. My bad, dancing queen.

 The vintage toilet that needs you to step on a pedal if you want to use the hand dryer.

HuiZhen, Me, SiYin

This is where the celebrities touch up their makeup and do their hairs before their show starts.

Rockettes & their kicks.

Hohoho. The closest thing to a perfect sunset.

Preparing for Cirque du Soleil.

People dancing, making music and entertaining in the carpet.

 Different instruments in the carpet.

Coolest EXIT sign i've even seen.

As we continue our tour in the Music Hall...

I became restless and decided to struck a pose with the mannequin.
End of Radio City Music Hall. The history of the Radio City Music Hall is so much more than these few pictures the 'Radio City' neon lights outside the building. All the running to the tour was worth it.

 Next venue was the pier that we took a cruise to see the statue of Liberty.

Brooklyn Bridge.



Then to the observation deck...

At the Top of The Rock.

We were such busy tourists, we only had time for muffins for dinner. The line in the cafe was overrated though...

Do you think they're real people? I say yes first then no after 60 seconds.

Lastly, Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

World's tallest man.




 I actually waited at the side for them to be done until i realized that they were taking too long...

Maybe should consider donating my head to a museum.

DIY. You could try too.
The end of Day 1 in NYC.

 Don't let your teacher or boss catch you daydreaming about NYC!


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