Wednesday, June 20, 2012

People without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. -Marcus Garvey

This wrapped skirt that i spotted in a mess of vintage clothings in brooklyn's Fort Green's flea market got me so excited. Actually everything at the flea had me excited but my point is that this skirt reminds me of my tradition. Who knows, i may be going through a 'reviving my asean self' phase since i've been in a completely westernized country for a few months already.

Red base with lotus and all the other chinese looking flowers and a few random peacocks camouflaged in a chinese garden + hawaiian flowers printed cropped top = multiracial harmony. Agree?

Either that, it may be the peacock on the skirt. I had a liking for flamingos and peacocks, both beautiful and elegant large birds, ever since my first jurong bird park excursion with my kindergarden. I remember wondering how the flamingos could stand on one leg and not feel tired, and when the peacocks decides to open up his feathers, until i knew how to use google.

Anyway,  i ought to be rolling on my bed right now because i'm so tired. I went to bed at 5am after completing my nike shirt + extra material = DIY nike dress, which i am excited to show you guys but another time, and spent a long day in the car and at the airport sending Dara and Kit back home.

So, have a good day while i put myself on snooze till the sun comes out.

Cropped top-Heritage21, Wrapped skirt-Vintage, Floral flats-Topshop, colourful necklace-Shien(DIY)


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