Thursday, February 16, 2012

SpunkPunkFunk if you dare!

The long awaited post is finally on Shien! I can't feel anymore excited to share all the pictures that Jen, Issac and I took on Saturday when i drop by the shop situated at The Central, #01-43, 6 EuTong Seng Street, Singapore 059817. SpunkPunkFunk is an amazingly quirky label that believes that people should dress to express,not to impress. Jen Su, the all-rounder local designer does styling, hair & makeup, makeover, fashion consultation, runway choreography, event coordination and last but not least, designing. Her passion. Isn't she Singapore's pride.

The funkalicious designer believes strongly that fashion has no disparity and she encourages people to try & express themselves because Fashion is no discrimination. Personality has more credibility than beauty. C'mon, somebody says amen to that, please.

Okay, enough of words, now get yourself ready to dive into a pool of craziness, quirkiness and happiness! Enjoy your journey into the WillyWonka's chocolate factory!*(Random)*Just enjoy k. 
My favourite outfit!(Sports wear may be it,for me,soon.Who knows!)
Ha!(Jen's favourite exclamation)
You think that they only have clothings in the shop? No way. There are funky and unique glasses&sunglasses in the shop, catering prescriptions as well! Told you Jen was an all-rounder designer. Oh and the biggest secret is that these glasses are FREAKING cheaper than the one that you're wearing on your face now!(Well, at least that applies to me) So please, my lovely readers, I have found the best optic shop for you in town. I dare not lie.
Even more obvious than fake eyelashes,bring it on!
Customer of SpunkPunkFunk that bought two glasses because he just couldn't decide which one to get.
Red&Round, my favourite sunglasses!

Jen and Issac
Yesyes. There are the branded ones like Alexandra Wa, Karen Walker, Oliver Goldsmith, Dries Van Noten  and of course those that are brandless. However, do not be paranoid about the quality of the brandless ones because a lot of them are made in Japan.

Prices of clothings/jackets/bottom are ranged from $150-$500
              sunglasses/glasses are ranged from $150-$300
              with prescription will be extra $30-$50 depending on your degree. 


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