Monday, February 20, 2012

I tried making sense of it, and then I realised I should be trying to make sense as to why I was even trying to make sense...

( I had to put this picture up even thought the clearer one is below because this one makes my legs look longer.Pardon me.)
Psychedelic printed top: Old fashion shop in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Blue Skirt:GARAGE in the states
Moustache Shoe: Shien
Brooches: Handmade gifts from friends
Duct tape Clutch: Shien

Hey ho, fellows! Stop and stare at the almost psychedelic top that i got from a old fashion shop at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre(Yes, the shopping centre that everybody goes to to look for the perfect maid) I tell you, do not be fooled by the architectural works of the building that may make the mall seems unwanted and useless, you will be amazed and surprised by the treasures in there.

The two brooches that i've pinned at the collar of a sleeveless top worn beneath the almost psychedelic printed blouse... Can you see that the two brooches makes the eyes of something and the circular black print over the bigger circular white print actually looks like the nose of a dog, hence it looks a little like a funky funny dog we imagine to see in a cartoon? Oh god i almost got lost in that long sentence.
So, yes! The wonders brooches can create to an outfit. Awesome huh.

Did you notice that the clutch that  i'm carrying is made out of duct tapes and magazines? I used magazines as the base of the clutch to make it less flimsy and the 3 different colour duct tapes to make my clutch more colourful. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Good for the environment, my loves. Let's be environmental friendly and save the earth.(I'm sorry these all sound so cliche but these are the only few lines that i can remember when i listen to speeches/debates regarding the environment in school.) Maybe i should just stop talking about being environmental already, i will feel like a hypocrite the next time i throw my can drinks into the dustbin and not the recycling bin.

Well, i still made a clutch using magazines and i shall continue to justify myself by encouraging you all to also try to work your right brain a little bit more by reusing, reducing and recycling anything into something usable again. Try it, it can be pretty fun!


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