Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The most common flea attacking humans

Zouk's flea and easy event is certainly the best flea i've been to so far. Flea and Easy's Wardrobe Wipeout has everything and anything for ladies and gentlemen that are into Fashion. Whether is it asean vintage dresses, feathery hair accessories, winter coats, timeless vintage handbags, psychedelic printed click clock shoes, polka dotted ties, whimsical tube dresses or even kiddy heart shaped sunglasses, all are treasures to be dug out by discerning fashionistas and bargain hunters in Zouk's flea and easy.

To know when is the next flea market happening in Zouk you may have to check out Zouk's event schedule in April, May and even June because if i'm not wrong, it happens once in three months.You reap what you sow, darlings.

Oh and yes because i am such a gold digger, everything except the purple square earrings are treasures dug out from Zouk's Flea & Easy-Wardrobe Wipeout.