Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First born unicorn

If you remember, i mentioned before that i was working on my second shoe project and after one week of painting, drawing and spraying, it has finally been completed. I have always been inspired by mystical creatures like dragons, mermaids, fairies and unicorns ever since young when i see mermaid & dragon tatoos on my grandfather's body. Then school introduced me to Shakespeare's plays like the Midsummer Night's Dreams, Macbeth and etc, where the fairy kingdom becomes so real in the play. However silly i may sound right now but i really wish to see a unicorn(a fairy would be fine too) someday because horses are getting boring.

Anyway, the reason why i chose the unicorn out of all the other mystical creatures was because of the toy that i saw in Jen's shop. I was so excited when i saw the unicorn and told myself that i had to do something with unicorns so i decided why not on a shoe since i already got a pair of plain white shoes at home. After that week,*TEEHEE*, my second shoe project has been completed. Cheers to unicorns!
Toy in Jen's shop. My inspiration.

Again i say,


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