Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Crowded Mind of Mine.

The Christmas season is over, church camp has ended, did a photoshoot for NYP's fashion spread, caught up with a few close friends, knitting has begun and holiday is coming to an end. These were the happenings for the past week and i've been trying to do more but tiredness keeps getting to me. My apologies for neglecting the blog for a week and a half but i will always come back because i miss it everyday. In addition, i have to confess that i did not transfer my images before my sissy brings the camera with her to the UK for holiday. Please forgive me for my carelessness, i hope that the fruityappleiphone5 will help!

Truthfully, it doesn't seem like i have done a lot of things which produced tangible results but i am very pleased with the intangibles that has happened. I had time to develop myself in many aspects in life during this holiday, including physical horizontal growth due to the intake of turkeys for two consecutive days. Seems like i never really need to learn how to cook well since i am so blessed with excellent cooks in my life! Reflecting on the past week, while i may seem to be missing in action, actually makes me feel less lost in the maze in my head. The year is coming to an end, there are many things i tell myself i have to complete before the new year approaches yet fighting with time becomes a waste of everything from energy to time itself, so i just go with the flow. We just gotta keep swimming.

Below's outfit is what i call the mix. Shien's own DIY clutch, vintage bow tie and floral dress shirt, blazer from H&M, a casual jeans from japan, men socks from Brooke Brothers and desert boots from Clarks. These is exactly what i love to do most, mixing the new with the old and the own. It's exciting when you have the outfit conversation because there is always so much to tell. From vintage in LA, to Clarks in Hong Kong, to DIY at home. Everything counts. 

I'm eager to talk to you patient and lovely readers soon. But it's time i end off here and start on my research for school before i end my day. Have a productive and peaceful week ahead as we courageously welcome the new year with open arms! 

Photo credit: John


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  1. Fresh n smart. Also I admire how you DIY n make the most of what you have to come up with your own style instead of simply splurging on fashion.