Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hola! It has been too long since my last post and here i am back with more space on blogger. Please accept my sincere apologies for taking such a long time to figure out that using back what i first had was the best option. Trying to find themes and website designs on tumblr, and a few other web hosting sites that are more comfortable than this current one that i have was exhausting and a difficulty. It definitely isn't because none of them were good enough for Shien but the reason of me taking eon to get over something that I've been so attached to, rolls me back. 

Getting back to what i've been excited to share with you all, let's say 4 weeks ago, is Depression's SS13  collection. The HTC x DEPRESSION Fashion Show that was held at the Sky Bar was magnificent. Anybody's mood would be lifted when they approach the 55th level of ION Orchard because the view of the heart of Singapore's shopping, tourist and entertainment district is an unparalleled experience.

'Inspired by 'dizzy spells', the new 'Black Out' collection features odd-shaped pieces that mimic 'bumps'  and bruises', while graphic prints in 'motion blur' re-creates the moments before a person blacks out. Colour follows an equestrian theme, contrasting the neon brights of the unicorn against the monochromatic zebra. All apparel made from rayon, cotton, spandex and polyester, while shoes and bags are crafted from a mix of high-quality calf leather and canvas.'

One thing that i really appreciate from the designers are the different elements they emphasize on and bring out in each collection, while retaining something very crucial, their individualistic way of designing clothing. For instance, 'Black Out' emphasizes more on graphic prints than the cutting of the clothing which was the focus of the previous collection, Plastic Surgery. Every new collection seem fresh and youthful yet at one glance, you know they are designed by the duo. The endless excitement for more designs and the following collection is simply inevitable. Truly, if you can't grasp anything i have typed till so far, begin to scroll down and understand the goodness of the 'Black Out' collection, then take a look at their previous collection, 'Plastic Surgery'. If you still feel that i haven proved my point from those two collections, allow me to bring you back to 'Clouding Of Consciousness'.

Then, you'll see what i'm talking about.

Hope the images taken from my dearest iPhone 5 didn't do too much injustice to collection.
Have a good day while i enjoy my december holiday(;
Bless you, lovely.


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