Saturday, December 8, 2012

Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder

This is a part of brooklyn( somewhere close to Graham Ave to be particular) that i've brought back with me, it's a pair of vintage heels that i adore very much for the different shades of blues and perfect fitting. I don't even know how to begin to express my thoughts and emotions about vintage shoes that fits well and comfortably. The fact that it was also the most favorable pair in the entire store was the greatest thrill. It's times like these when i feel like the most fortunate person and then i stare into the mirror, look at the shoes and think, "have these shoes been waiting for me all these while?" Because the thought of something waiting for you and me makes the whole experience even more magical, for us. (Whether is it that you're in some denial or not, it's not that much of a big deal.)

And this is how i blabber when it comes to talk about the blue cowboy vintage shoe. Pardon me if you can't tolerate the exaggeration but those words are honest.

Follow by the next part of brooklyn, the Williamsburg Flea was where i adopted this floral printed vintage outerwear. I like the femininity of the coat and the rose prints on cotton that looks like painting on a canvas. You know, when your country is going through a wet season, the polyester fibers really makes you not want to take it off at all. With a pair of jeans, basic inner wear and the cutting of the swanky looking vintage coat would be enough to pull the weekends off. It is the alternative of my blanket.

Now it's my time to end this post and get out of my blanket before i waste a precious day of my holiday away. Have a fruitful weekend and be reminded that Christmas is round the corner, get your presents ready for the 25th!
Vintage shoes and coat:Brooklyn, Jeans:Forever21, White dangling earrings:Bebe, Book:Ways of Seeing by John Berger


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