Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skater Girl Wannabe

I have decided to do the outfit post the way i'm most comfortable with on another post. It's complicated to do a proper one when i keep putting on and off clothings in just an event, as mentioned in the previous post. No judgement kay.

That white skirt from ELLE is supposedly a tennis skirt but i have no idea why i was holding on to a skate board instead of a racket. I think i should just blame it on memorial day because i have been commemorating all Americans who have died in all wars. So much sadness that I mistook a skateboard as a racket. #Blameless

Look at men socks, they look almost perfect to me... One strange habit of mine is that my eyes are always wondering to the men section just so i know that i'm not missing out on anything good or inspiring. That mentality has unexpectedly found me a couple of fancy men shocks in Brooks Brothers while looking for a dress shirt for my Dad. You may think Brooks Brothers only make premium clothings, they also have the cutest socks at the most reasonable price. They were all so cute, i had an absolutely hard time choosing which ones to get... Blessing in disguise, opposite. Opposite. Both.

Pink cropped top-Forever21(Dara's top), White skirt-ELLE, Men socks-Brooks Brothers, Red Sneakers-Converse, Pink Skateboard-Penny(Kit's)
Shoot you, sista.


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